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Cotton Fantasy – Review

Cotton Fantasy, known in Japan as Cotton Rock ‘N Roll is the latest release in the long-running “cute ’em up” franchise. So we have to ask; Is this real life? Or is it just Fantasy? Magical Night Dreams Cotton the Witch is funnily enough a Witch who has an unhealthy obsession with sweets known as […]

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Panorama Cotton – Review | Faux-3D

The pre-3D era was an exciting time. Developers were using all kinds of visual shenanigans to give off the impression of 3D, without actually being 3D at all. Arcade games like Space Harrier pioneered and even perfected, this faux-3D look, and some even hold up today. Panorama Cotton, a game that was previously only released […]

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Cotton Reboot – Review | Cutsie Hell

As far as genres go, few are as underappreciated, or as niche, as the Shmup. I have spent more time overlooking the genre than I would care to admit. Cotton Reboot takes this dirge of mainstream recognition and takes it to the next level. Cotton, despite being a long-running series of games, and this reboot […]