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Exoprimal – Review

When you think of the words Capcom and Dinosaurs I know what franchise comes to your mind… Exoprimal! Dino Crisis nods aside, we are taking a look at the latest Dino vs. Mech project from the guys and gals at Capcom. Exoprimal puts you in the character-created suit of Ace, an exo-fighter pilot and most […]

Lorena and the Land of Ruins - Featured Image
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Lorena and the Land of Ruins – Review

“Cute girls doing cute things” is a sub-genre of media that you’re probably well familiar with already. For those who seek an experience less relaxed and more thrilling, there’s also “Cute girls doing uncharacteristically dangerous things”. This alternative naturally lends itself well to games, and today, we’ve got another one. Lorena and the Land of […]

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R-Type Final 3: Evolved – Review

Check any dictionary, and it’ll define ‘Final’ as something along the lines of ‘coming to an end’. This seems something that Japanese companies seem to laugh in the face of: see the upcoming 16th entry of Final Fantasy. It seems Granzella and IREM also don’t know the meaning of the word, as shown by the release […]

Gungrave G.o.r.e. - Featured Image
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Gungrave G.O.R.E. – Review | One Foot In The Grave

Gungrave started its life as an ambitious video game/anime designed to create a brand-new franchise. Despite having the mind behind Trigun powering it amongst other anime alumni it didn’t quite turn out to be the powerhouse expected. Over a decade later, it’s time for the man formerly known as Brandon Heat to rise from Beyond […]

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Radiant Silvergun – Review

Shmups are a weird niche genre but there is the odd game that breaks that glass roof, Ikaruga being one of them. The best-known game that came before it was most famous for its high asking price. Now available more widely and at a reasonable price, is Radiant Silvergun worthy of being mentioned in the […]

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Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium – Review

Capcom is a name synonymous with arcade gaming culture. Street Fighter is just one of their vast library of past titles. Following on from their successful collection of re-releases last year, Capcom has once again opened the gates to the Stadium with Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium. Capcom Celebration Much like the original, Capcom Arcade 2nd […]

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Horgihugh and Friends – Review

Enjoy games where cute animals kill cute things and some minor comedy? Horgihugh and Friends by Aksys Games has you covered. An expansion on the PC title HORGIHUGH (ホーギーヒュー), it falls into the ‘Cute ‘Em Up’ subgenre, within Shoot ‘Em Up or Shmups. Raining Cats and Dogs Horgihugh and Friends throw players right into the […]

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Remote Life – Review

Remote Life is a Shmup title developed by Next Level Game. It aims to provide a more narrative-driven experience to the genre and brings a few very unusual features to the genre. Does it work? Let’s find out. Is This Real Life?  Remote Life takes that tried and tested narrative of aliens threatening the very […]