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FPS Horror Review

System Shock (2023) – Review

Back in 1994, Looking Glass Studios would release System Shock. This title pioneered not only the immersive simulation genre but opened the eyes of games to the world of Sci-Fi horror; A genre that would eventually spawn a ‘little-known’ franchise called Bioshock. In 2023 Nightdive Studios released System Shock, hoping to give newer sets of […]

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FPS Review

Necromunda: Hired Gun – Review | A 40K Shooter

Necromunda: Hired Gun is the latest in a long string of Warhammer titles, set in the rather underused Necromunda universe which is part of the 40K side of Warhammer. A Steampunk/Rustpunk fusion with fast-paced first-person shooting action should be an instant victory right? Let’s dig deep and find out. Down in the Dumps As mentioned, […]

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FPS Review

HROT – Review | Exploding Bodies Are Fun

I’ll start with a quick reminder that HROT is in Early Access. A lot of what is criticized here may be fixed or changed in the future. Retro FPS games have been on the rise recently, and as with every new popular trend, many titles come out trying their own spin on them. HROT attempts […]

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FPS Indie Review

Prodeus – Review | Frantic Fun with Firearms

Recently, it seems that retro shooters are making a comeback. Not just with the new reboots of franchises such as DOOM, Wolfenstein, and Shadow Warrior, but amazing indie throwback titles that have been popping up around, like Dusk, Ion Fury, and Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, just to name a few. All of these bring the essence of […]