Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle - Featured
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Nina Aquilla: Legal Eagle – Review | The Face of Justice

If you were to explain the concept of “a Legal-Themed video game” it sounds frightfully boring. We’re talking about a profession where a single case can take multiple months and an absurd amount of paperwork to keep track of! …Riveting stuff, right? But take the base elements of a legal trial: a crime or dispute […]

Dark Nights - Featured
Review Visual Novel

Dark Nights – Review | A Mystifying Mystery Otoge

Another High School Slice of Life? Released on 30 Oct 2019, Dark Nights is a free indie otome Visual Novel by Pinlin available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. With mystery, fantasy, and horror as its main genres, this romance game is aimed at audiences aged 16 and above as it contains content that involves violence, […]