Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate – Episode 1 - Featured Image
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Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate – Episode 1 – Review

There’s been a murder in paradise. Here crime isn’t just low, but it shouldn’t even be possible. Protected from the dangerous outside world, this is a futuristic city where every resident is connected to a collective dream and everything is monitored. How did it happen? And is everything really as pleasant as it seems? These […]

Altdeus: Beyond Chronos - Featured
Review Virtual Reality Visual Novel

Altdeus: Beyond Chronos – Review | A Virtual Visual Novel

Marketed as a sequel to Tokyo Chronos, Altdeus: Beyond Chronos is a virtual reality visual novel. Virtual reality being a niche of its own and visual novels being an even smaller one, this is a rather rare pairing with only a handful of titles existing like this. Interested in an immersive sci-fi anime experience with […]