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The Shell Part I: Inferno – Review | Kara No Shoujo

Kara no Shoujo is a murder-mystery visual novel developed by Innocent Grey and first released in 2008, with its first English release coming in 2011 via MangaGamer. Now, from the fine folks at Shiravune we have an updated HD release with an updated title, The Shell Part I: Inferno. The Shell is an eroge, though […]

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Shiravune Announces Kara no Shoujo HD Remaster (The Shell)

Shiravune has announced the release of The Shell (Kara no Shoujo). This will consist of HD Remasters of the three core titles in the Kara no Shoujo series. The first title will be titled The Shell Part I: Inferno and is set to release on 28th July 2023 on Steam and Johren in English and Chinese. The first […]