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Loop8: Summer of Gods – Gameplay Guide and Tips

Loop8: Summer of Gods gives you a basic overview of what you need to complete the game, but some parts are frustratingly vague or outright not mentioned. This guide and tips article is intended to give you enough information to complete the game, without giving you a step-by-step guide as each loop will vary. This […]

Loop8: Summer of Gods - Featured Image
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Loop8: Summer of Gods – Review

Set in 1980s rural Japan, Loop8: Summer of Gods follows Nini, a young man with the ability to loop time. With the end of the world never more than five days away, will you be able to avert disaster and survive the summer in this JRPG from Marvelous/XSeed Games? Divine Possession Loop8: Summer of Gods […]

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Rune Factory 5 – Review | Tilling the Fields

You’re never in short supply when it comes to farming games, there’s usually always a new one just around the corner. This is especially true of publisher Marvelous, who have put out many over the past half-decade via their Story of Seasons series. However, one spin-off series called Rune Factory fell into dormancy—that is, until […]

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Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town – Review

Our world has taken a curious new form – one that resembles a rather deformed waffle. A usually tasty snack that now makes you feel a tad uneasy as you navigate its uneven, slightly disturbing peaks and troughs. Getting through each day when the world is so bleak can be difficult. I find myself seeking […]