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Amairo Chocolate – Walkthrough & Guide

Amairo Chocolate (Amairo Chocolata) offers a common route that branches into two further routes, and a third ending. There is also an unlockable extra ending.

This guide will tell you about the choices to access the various routes, and explain the situation regarding the adult patch.

18+ Content

If you have purchased the Steam version of Amairo Chocolate, you can download the free 18+ DLC via Denpasoft website.

Install the game on Steam first, then download the patch. Unlike most other patches, it is an .exe file. It will prompt you to select the install path for the game. 

The install path would typically be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Amairo Chocolate or similar, but you can also find this by right-clicking on the game name in the Steam library, hovering over ‘Manage’, then click ‘Browse local files’.

Alternatively, you can buy the uncensored version of Amairo Chocolate on websites such as Denpasoft without any requirement for installing patches separately.

Amairo Chocolate Guide - Mikuri

Route Order and Structure

There is no recommended route order for Amairo Chocolate. As mentioned, the routes branch from the common route. You will be presented with one decision point with three choices. I would recommend creating a separate save file for this point, and then returning to it after each route or ending.

Chieru and Mikuri have entire routes, while the other options are short endings. The unlockable harem ending does have an additional H-scene to unlock.

Chieri Route


  • With Chieri

Mikuri Route


  • With Mikuri

Friendship Ending


  • Together with everyone

Harem Ending

Complete the Chieri route, Mikuri route, and friendship ending. The harem ending will now be accessible from a button on the title menu.

Platforms: PC
Purchase: Denpasoft

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