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Don’t Mind Me, Sensei! Give Yourself a Hand: Vol 1 – Manga Review

Don’t Mind Me, Sensei! Give Yourself a Hand (Sensei, Ore ni Kamawazu Itte Kudasai!!) is Tentai Books first manga release. Lighthearted and lewd, this 2018 title from author Yui Igarashi is a slow-burn romance with plenty of humor along the way.

Mangaka and Masturbater

Mamoru Ashida is a proficient mangaka assistant. He’s so good it’s a problem. He ends up doing all the work for the mangaka and anyone he works with ends up lazy. This makes him unpopular with publishers and he soon finds himself out of work.

Fortunately, his old friend from college Kasumi Mashiro has a job for him — to work with her little sister Madoka, a young mangaka. For some reason though, every assistant assigned ends up running away…

Mamoru finds out why immediately. Don’t Mind Me, Sensei! Give Yourself a Hand wastes no time in setting the tone, as he walks in on her having a little ‘DIY time’ while drawing. Madoka soon explains that she can’t draw well unless she’s masturbating. Otherwise, it always turns out terribly.

With Mamoru out of work, he can’t be picky about who he works with. This starts an absurd situation where he has to help Madoka while dealing with her needs.

Don't Mind Me Sensei! Give Yourself a Hand Vol 1 - Manga Review - Madoka's Habit

Getting Lost in the Deep End

I enjoyed seeing how this situation begins to play out. Seeing the initial reactions from both sides was certainly amusing. Madoka particularly made me laugh, with her oblivious lack of understanding of why people don’t want to work with her and her easy-going personality. Mamoru contrasts this well with his blunt callouts and a more serious attitude, creating a lot of humorous moments.

It moves along quickly in terms of getting both used to the situation, which makes sense with only six volumes in this series. Mamoru ends up helping her out, while she gets herself into difficult situations. Despite the initial shock, he’s soon trying to find more efficient ways of masturbation or whatever is needed to help her as a mangaka. Some of these situations and solutions had me laughing out loud. Certain ones I imagine were just thrown in to appeal to certain fetishes, but worked well as a joke too.

In terms of romance, we don’t see much in volume one of Don’t Mind Me, Sensei! Give Yourself a Hand. There are a few moments where they get closer, but Madoka is somewhere between denial and oblivious. I do want to see how this develops over time. As well as the very different personalities, there’s quite an age gap, so I’m curious if that will be addressed.

Don't Mind Me Sensei! Give Yourself a Hand Vol 1 - Manga Review - Megu

Not Just Self-Love

While Don’t Mind Me, Sensei! Give Yourself a Hand mostly focuses on Mamoru and Madoka, we do get to see other characters too. The older sister Kasumi pops up occasionally and gets her own chapter. More interesting is Megu who appears in the last two chapters.

Megu isn’t just a regular prude but is exceptionally bad at dealing with adult topics and has extremely strong opinions on them. It’s to the point that she has issues with men and women sharing the same break room at work. Unfortunately for her, she gets roped into this situation.

Seeing such a strong personality clash between the characters was hilarious. And yes, there’s something there for people who enjoy seeing that type of character put in lewd situations.

Don't Mind Me Sensei! Give Yourself a Hand Vol 1 - Manga Review - Madoka Insert

Art and Localization

Unsurprisingly, Don’t Mind Me, Sensei! Give Yourself a Hand seems to have the most detailed panels when it comes to focusing on the lewd aspects. While nothing explicit is shown, there are plenty of panels with Madoka having a ‘ménage à moi’ and others with interesting angles or underwear shown. While there’s no nudity in volume one, apparently volume six does have some.

There are some particularly great pieces of artwork on the chapter titles, but I certainly enjoyed it throughout. Emotions are captured well with the facial expressions and poses on display and some dramatic moments feel almost like action scenes when paired with the backgrounds.

Some of the special effects typesetting near the end of the book still need to be updated, but we’ve been told this will be updated post-release due to deadlines. Throughout most of the book, it’s fine and to the point that I don’t believe most would notice. In terms of editing, there are some other minor issues, but the quality feels high overall. I imagine these are likely to be fixed in future updates too.

As a small note, it does seem the choice was made to obscure Madoka’s age (16) a little. Perhaps this was to avoid an inevitable Amazon delisting.

Physical and Digital

Tentai Books are planning to release a physical copy of Don’t Mind Me, Sensei! Give Yourself a Hand. Presumably, this will come with extras, much like their light novels do. This review will be updated when we have a physical copy on hand to give impressions. In the meantime, you may be interested to look at how they’ve handled other physicals, such as I Kissed My Girlfriend’s Little Sister?!

In terms of the digital release, it will be released on Tentai Books’ Store first, then other storefronts later. It appears to be available in several formats, including .cbz and .pdf.


I do enjoy a good lewd comedy and Don’t Mind Me, Sensei! Give Yourself a Hand certainly fits. The first volume introduced the premise, then got right into the hilarious comedy. It managed to keep introducing new elements or situations and keep things fresh. I’m looking forward to seeing if future volumes can keep up this pace.


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