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Gioteck HCP4 – Review | A Wallet-Friendly Headset

Gioteck sent over the Gioteck HCP4 headset for me to place over my ears and give my verdict. Is this wallet-friendly headset worth a listen? Read on to find out.


Looking into the Gioteck HCP4 headset, I came across this blurb in the marketing.

“Designed specifically for the new generation of consoles, Gioteck has created an unparalleled stereo gaming headset that delivers on quality, design and price”.

On top of that, it claims lag-free audio, crystal clear chat, and an adjustable headband for comfortable use with VR headsets. Plus compatibility with any console or practically anything using a 3.5mm jack.

Gioteck HCP4 - Headset


I can first confirm that it is fully compatible with the PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC as I tested the headset out on each of these for this review. 

Initially, you need to connect the microphone part of the headset into the headphone. This is a long plastic mic and was rather finicky at first to install but once done it has remained firmly in the headset. It offers movement in a circular motion but not up or down. 

The issue with the mic placement and material is that if you aren’t using it, it’s quite obtrusive. I found it was easier just to live with it stuck in front of my face rather than move it to the back; I didn’t want to plug and unplug it every time I used it.

The headset itself is a realm of comfort on its own. The noise-canceling works well enough and is ideal for wanting to get stuck into a game world. I played through the entirety of Tormented Souls exclusively with the headset and on full volume, it helped present the ambiance and audio scares the developer had planned. 

The mic audio is of a decent level and quality. I made several recordings as well as used it to communicate with other players online. The volume was a little on the quiet side and wasn’t the best quality for audio recordings (podcast/streaming), but it worked fine for online gaming. This is a low-budget headset after all.

The audio wire is a cause of concern. It doesn’t feel the strongest and feels like it has the potential to fray at the connection to the headset if wrapped up. While this hasn’t happened to me, I have avoided wrapping the wire just in case.

The mic switch is a square box situated on the audio wire. This also contains the volume slider. It’s a basic inline control box and clippable to clothes. It’s color-coded to easily see whether the user is muted or not.


The Gioteck HCP4 Headset retails for around the £20 mark and that’s an ideal price point for this budget headset. Aside from the mic and the wire, it doesn’t feel cheaply made and is very comfy. The lack of features and microphone quality is really what holds this back, but in its price range, you’d be remiss to find much better. 


Platforms: PC & Consoles

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Many thanks go to Gioteck for a review unit.

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