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Sailor Moon Lucky Bag | What’s Inside This Sugoi Mart Collection?

Did you grow up wanting to punish evil by moonlight? Maybe you joined the Sailor Moon wave recently with the remake? Either way, fans will be interested in the Sugoi Mart Sailor Moon Lucky Bag.

As is the nature of lucky bags, what you receive will be somewhat random, but it looks like figures, gachapons, and some pretty unique items often feature. On top of that, there’s a chance to win some big prizes.

Each bag costs $40 USD (or $34USD with coupon code NOOKGAMING15) and contains various Sailor Moon items. Sugoi Mart sent us one to check out. What was inside ours? Read on for more on this.

Japanese Collections In A Bag

To point out right away, unlike some lucky bags, the Sailor Moon Lucky Bag contents are official items from Japan. Many are even from the Sailor Moon Anniversary ranges.

Much like their Anime Set, the Sailor Moon Lucky Bag arrived in a black drawstring bag. This was protected by a box, so there are no concerns there. One of the items was a little folded due to being too big for the bag, but it was fine after taking it out.

It opened to reveal nine separate items, some big and some small.

Sailor Moon Lucky Bag - Q Posket Princess Pluto Figure

Q Posket Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie Princess Pluto

In terms of value, the Q Posket Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie Princess Pluto figure makes it worth it right away. I found this on sale for $33 USD, only one dollar less than the price of this entire set if using the code above.

This is a figure of Setsuna Meioh (Sailor Pluto) in her princess version wearing a rather elegant dress. Part of the 30th Anniversary collection, this Banpresto figure comes in an A and B version, this one being the pastel-colored B version.

It was rather easy to put together, being only three pieces; a rather large head, the body, and the stand. All snap together easily and securely. The build quality feels good for the price.

The design does make this look rather tall, which is fitting for one of the tallest Sailor Senshi, standing at 5’10”. In reality, the figure is approximately 15.5cm tall.

Looking at the Sailor Moon Lucky Bag page, it shows a Q Posket figure for Minako Aino (Sailor Venus) as a potential option. Plushies are mentioned as another, so a figure or plushie seems likely to be included.

Sailor Pluto Towel

Sailor Pluto Towel

Following up with another Sailor Pluto item, a small towel was included. This is another item that’s part of the 30th Anniversary collection. It’s slightly thin and probably more intended for display or collections, but looks great.

It features Sailor Pluto’s profile, planetary symbol, and her weapon the Garnet Rod. I particularly like the small bit of cloth that was added to make the skirt stand out.

This is only about $4.50 USD in Japan from looking it up online, but actually getting it outside of Japan would be about $14 USD from what I’ve seen. Otherwise, I’d go ahead and grab some more of my favorite characters.

Sailor Moon Lucky Bag - Sailor Uranus File

Super Sailor Uranus File

Another 30th Anniversary collection item, the Super Sailor Uranus File has a nice design on the front with Sailor Uranus sitting on the planet Uranus and the planetary symbol. It’s partially translucent, so you can see the paper inside.

Sailor Moon Lucky Bag - Ensky Sailor Moon Playing Cards

Ensky Sailor Moon Playing Cards

Part of the 20th Anniversary collection this time, these cards feature the original designs. There are cards with designs of the inner and outer Sailor Senshi, the earlier villains, and some side characters like Ushio. Some have particularly attractive designs with action shots of attacks being used. Following the figure, this is probably my second favorite item in the box.

In terms of value, it’s I found it for $9 USD in the US, but about 3x that only UK websites.

The only minor downside is the box isn’t the most convenient to store them, needing the deck split into two.

Sailor Moon Lucky Bag - Notepad

Super Sailor Pluto x Pochacco Notepad

This is a mini-notepad with chibi-style designs. It features not only Sailor Pluto, but also Pochacco, who is one of Sanrio’s many characters.

It’s a nice little pad and works well to write out short reminders.

Sailor Moon Pen and Stickers

Sailor Moon Eternal Pen

To go along with that Sailor Pluto note pad, they’ve included a pen in the Sailor Moon Lucky Bag. It’s pink with cute designs in gold on it from the show. It has things like the heart locket, ChibiUsa’s Twinkle Bell, and so on.

The sticker was actually left on showing it to cost 440 Yen, which is currently $3.18 USD.

Sailor Moon ‘Big Clear Sticker’

Yet another 30th Anniversary collection item, this set includes four Sailor Moon-themed stickers with clear backing. The package suggests putting them on a phone, laptop, or luggage.

I added one to the side of my computer. The image quality is high and it stuck on well. My phone case isn’t smooth, so it wouldn’t go on there, which makes sense, but is a pity. It is nice to get stickers with a clear backing, as they look much better in many places.

Sailor Moon Lucky Bag - Gachapon

2x Sailor Moon Gachapon

The last two items were both Gachapon. It’s no real surprise – Sugoi Mart also sells a Gachapon Lucky Bag.

One was a chibi-style Michiru Kaioh (Sailor Neptune) sitting down and wearing a dress.

The other was a little ‘plate’ with the symbols and weapons of Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto.

Both were Bandai official ones and of good quality for gachapon. I particularly liked the little plate, but they work well together since the Michiru figure can sit on it.

Sailor Moon Lucky Bag - Whole Contents

Final Thoughts

The Sailor Moon Lucky Bag from Sugoi Mart seems to be great value from what I found inside. Much like their Anime Set, it started big with a figure that costs about as much as the whole lucky bag, then included several smaller items.

I’m not sure if by design, but it was quite heavy on Pluto and Outer Senshi. Sadly, it did miss out on my favorite, Saturn. That’s the nature of Lucky Bags though and I was still happy.

Aside from the figure, the playing cards and towel were particularly interesting. The cards are something I’d consider buying anyway, while the towel looks nice but I wouldn’t have even thought to check if it exists

Purchase: Sugoi Mart
Sugoi Mart has set up a 15% off discount code for our readers: NOOKGAMING15 – this should apply to all products and not just the Sailor Moon Lucky Bag if you enter it at the checkout.

Many thanks go to Sugoi Mart for sending out a sample for this feature. You may also be interested in checking out our coverage of some other Sailor Moon Collectibles on Sugoi Mart or the Sugoi Mart Anime Set

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