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Rune Factory 5 – Review | Tilling the Fields

You’re never in short supply when it comes to farming games, there’s usually always a new one just around the corner. This is especially true of publisher Marvelous, who have put out many over the past half-decade via their Story of Seasons series. However, one spin-off series called Rune Factory fell into dormancy—that is, until […]

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Monster Harvest – Review

The quaint, quirky, and cute Life/Farming Simulator is a genre that has been shaken to its core and left reeling. The release of Stardew Valley back in 2016 not only reinvigorated the stagnating genre but also set it on a course for destruction. Many developers try to emulate Stardew Valley’s success by just having Stardew […]

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town - Featured
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Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town – Review

Our world has taken a curious new form – one that resembles a rather deformed waffle. A usually tasty snack that now makes you feel a tad uneasy as you navigate its uneven, slightly disturbing peaks and troughs. Getting through each day when the world is so bleak can be difficult. I find myself seeking […]

Summer in Mara - Featured
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Summer in Mara – Review | A Farming Adventure

Introduction Hop onto this boat, grab some sunscreen and join us as I’m your captain in this adventure towards the sea. Let’s raise our sails for this grand voyage to your Summer in Mara, developed and published by Chibig. Before anyone says it, my grandfather has a boat and I’m the third captain in line […]