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Panorama Cotton – Review | Faux-3D

The pre-3D era was an exciting time. Developers were using all kinds of visual shenanigans to give off the impression of 3D, without actually being 3D at all. Arcade games like Space Harrier pioneered and even perfected, this faux-3D look, and some even hold up today. Panorama Cotton, a game that was previously only released […]

Sun Wukong Vs Robot
Action Adventure Platformer Review

Sun Wukong Vs Robot – Review | Monkey Metroidvania

I am a huge Metroidvania fan. I have been ever since I was introduced to the genre with Metroid Fusion, and have been spoilt rotten since with titles like Guacamelee and Hollow Knight. Unfortunately, I don’t get a lot of time to dabble in the genre, so when I saw the ‘dinky title that could’, […]