Wanted: Dead – Press Kit with Cooking and Music!

I had a surprise recently when FedEx turned up on my doorstep with a rather large box. It seems that 110 Industries sent us here at NookGaming a little something to celebrate their upcoming release of Wanted: Dead. on 14th February 2022 – a rather unusual press kit!

Wanted: Dead calls itself a hybrid slasher/shooter and is from the makers of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive. Taking place in Hong Kong, it follows an elite police squad on a mission to uncover a major corporate conspiracy. While I can’t say anything about the gameplay, this cyberpunk adventure certainly looks like it has style!

Wanted: Dead Press Kit Box

Dauer Synthetics

I thought it might be interesting to show people what’s in the box itself, even if we can’t talk about the game yet. This press kit is pretty cool, so it’s a good chance to take a look. Want to see it unboxed? Check out the video:

The box itself is a rather solid box, which came encased by a plastic cover. Sliding it out revealed some of the white text was printed on the cover itself. It’s themed as if we’re joining a company, claiming to be welcoming us to the DAUER Employee Wellness Program. A few bits and pieces of text here are giving hints of a company in a dystopia, rather than one that cares.

Wanted: Dead - Grenade

GR17 Grenade

Grenades are very good for wellbeing, I suppose. Not the target’s wellbeing, but I’d certainly feel a lot better to have one if I’m being attacked.

The first item is a model grenade, with a black body, neon pink highlights, and yellow text. It claims to be from Militco Arms, which I assume is an in-game military supplier.

Wanted: Dead - Record

Spin That Record

Next up are two vinyls, featuring Stefanie Joosten on the cover. She seems to play an important role in the game and has been heavily featured in the marketing. If you’ve not heard of her before, she’s a Dutch model, singer, and actress who lives in Japan. Notably, she played Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Looking at the records themselves, they’re a beautiful vivid red and deep blue, which will certainly look nice on display. Side A of the first is David Bowie / Giorgio Morodor and Side B is Donna Summer / Michael Omartian. Side A of the second is Bryan Ferry /Andy Mackay and Side B is Paul Stanley / Vini Poncia.

Compact Disc

The CD comes with a mix of music, with some covers by Stefanie Joosten and some by Bella and the Switchblades. I assume these are songs featured in the game itself. You can hear the first one on 110 Industries’ Youtube channel with an anime video.

A deep pink, the CD again plays into the universe of Wanted: Dead by having Dauer Synthetics branding on it.

As an aside, the above pictured QR code just leads to the press kit assets.

Wanted: Dead - Cookbook

Cooking Time!

A surprising inclusion for a Press Kit, but it includes a cookbook. This does play well into the marketing though, with several episodes of ‘Vivienne’s Late Night Chow‘ being posted on Youtube. This shows one of the game characters, Vivienne Niemantsverdriet, starring as a celebrity chef before she joined the Manu Militari mercenary unit. With letters from inmates and the use of violent gameplay inserts, it’s not your normal cooking show.

Platforms: PC (Steam), PlayStation 4|5, XBox
Game Website

Many thanks go to 110 Industries for sending this out to us.

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