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Serial Cleaners – Review

No one considers who has to clean up after murder scenes. Serial Cleaners offers players a glimpse into the life of the most aggressive users of cleaning products yet.  Cleanup on Aisle 4 Serial Cleaners follows Bob from the prequel Serial Cleaner, as he and three other “Cleaners” come together for a funeral. They sit […]

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UnMetal – Preview | Slapstick Stealth, Half-Baked Havoc

Ever wondered what it would be like if Metal Gear Solid didn’t take itself at all seriously? Upcoming game UnMetal from developer @unepic_fran and publisher Versus Evil looks like the answer to that question. I got a chance to preview the game ahead of its launch later this summer, and I’ll be sharing my impressions of the first three chapters. Let […]

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Featured
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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Review | Be A Vikingr

As both a Dane and an Englishman, I often feel an ancestral conflict deep in my core. Sure, I was born on the shores of England, but my great-great-great (you get the point) grandpappy probably popped over to your equally-great gran’s abode and raided her pantry. Due to the rising popularity of Viking culture in […]

Maid of Sker
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Maid of Sker – Review | Scares in the Hotel

Try to Scare Me Survival Horror is a genre that is hard to truly get “right”. Recurring mechanics aside, the feeling of horror, to be horrified or scared, is an incredibly subjective and personal thing that is difficult for any developer to achieve consistently. Different people are spooked by different things, so crafting a universally terrifying […]

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Destroy All Humans – Review | Remaking An Invasion

Bringing the Past to the Future Destroy All Humans remakes the cult classic of the same title. It has been fifteen years though, so they’ve made more than a few improvements. This is not just the old Destroy all Humans from 2005 but prettier. They have absolutely kept the spirit and what made the old games so […]

Desperados III - Featured
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Desperados III – Review | A Perfect Tactical Adventure

When I first sat down to play Desperados III, I knew roughly what to expect. A real-time tactics game with an emphasis on stealth and clever execution of your squad’s abilities. However, what I was not expecting, was just how engrossing this game would be. Literally hours of my day would pass before my eyes as […]

Indie Platformer Puzzle Review Stealth

Gunpoint – Review

Released by Suspicious developments on January 3, 2013, Gunpoint is a 2D stealth and puzzle platformer game available only for PC. The game is set in a noir-style near future and tells the story of freelance spy Richard Conway who is tasked to break into buildings and complete various actions, ranging from stealing documents to […]