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Hello, Goodbye – Walkthrough & Guide

Hello, Goodbye offers a common route and four character routes. One route is locked.

This guide will tell you about the choices to access the various routes, Steam achievements, and explain the situation regarding the adult patch.

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18+ Content

If you have purchased the Steam version of Hello, Goodbye, you can download the free 18+ DLC via NekoNyan website. Download the patch, open the .zip archive file, and extract adult.dat into the HGB_Data in the Hello, Goodbye install folder. You can confirm this is installed correctly by checking the options for an ‘Uncensored H-scene CG’ option. There is also an R18 Patch Enabled notice on the title screen.

Alternatively, you can buy the uncensored version of Hello, Goodbye on websites such as JAST USA.

Steam Achievements

There are a variety of achievements if playing the Steam version of Hello, Goodbye. Aside from clearing routes, you need to do the following to unlock them all:

  • Play the game for 24 hours
  • Clear the minigame
  • Use all of the save slots
  • Quick jump 10 times
  • Quick save more than 10 times
  • Listen until the end of Yukishiro George’s first and second speeches
  • Hide the text box
  • Play the game with popup messages turned off
  • Try out all available window resolutions
  • Play the game after changing both auto-mode and minimum wait time
  • Use the glossary
  • Read all glossary entries
  • Listen to one full loop of the theme song on the title screen

If you wish to delete save files after making extras for the above achievement, this can be done easily by going to the ‘1009460’ folder. You can find this under your Steam install folder, which will by default be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<Your Profile ID>\1009460

Hello, Goodbye - Minigame


One of the achievements of Hello, Goodbye is for a minigame where you need to find the cat Azureal. You can find this under ‘Collection’ from the title screen after completing a route, then on the sidebar.

Find Azureal in the pictures then click on it. It might not always look like the cat exactly, but instead be something like a drawing.


  • On the cross
  • He can be seen directly as a big cat
  • On the left, sitting in a chair
  • On the right, by some flowers
  • On the left, in the photo on the desk
  • On the beach as a drawing in the sand
  • On the top right of the monitor on the right
  • The middle banner advertisement. It has whiskers.
  • Near the middle of the screen, on the grass where the path curves
  • On the top right, on the right of the third curtain from the left
  • Middle right, on the paper that a female student is holding
  • On the right, between the trees
  • On the left very near the edge, in the flowers
  • On the right, directly to the top right of the right gate
  • Near the middle but to the left, in the window of a building.
  • Near the bottom but to the right, in the shadow of the fence.

Route Order

Suguri, May, and Natsume can be played in any order. Koharu must be played after these three have been completed.

Hello, Goodbye - May


  • Pretend like I know her
  • I want to get to know Morino

Alternatively, if you have unlocked Koharu’s route, select:

  • I remembered the girl I met at the flower field

Hello, Goodbye - Suguri


  • Be honest and answer her that I don’t know her

Alternatively, if you have unlocked Koharu’s route, select:

  • I remembered the girl who started crying the moment we met

Hello, Goodbye - Natsume


  • Pretend like I know her
  • I want to properly graduate from Tenshudo Academy

Alternatively, if you have unlocked Koharu’s route, select:

  • I remembered the girl who transferred into my school.

Hello, Goodbye - Koharu


As noted above, first complete the other three routes. The options will then change. Choose:

  • I remembered the girl who was calling me her brother
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