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Kiara and My Ara Ara Adventure – Review

Developer Toffer Team describes Kiara and My Ara Ara Adventure as a lewd adventure. Having played this visual novel, it certainly fits. With uncensored nudity, a number of costumes to fit several fetishes and multiple sex scenes, the erotic element of this game is at the forefront. For those more familiar with the genre – it’s a nukige.

Kiara And My Ara Ara Adventure - Master


Your nameable protagonist wakes up in a Japanese-looking house in the middle of the forest. He cannot remember much of how he arrives. A vague memory of some sort of accident with a bright light and the next thing he knew he was on a battlefield with elves, succubi, and catgirls. He’s been transported to another world. Then his memory goes blank.

A busty catgirl, Kiara is the one to wake our protagonist up. She gives our half-aware character a potion to help him recover, which causes an erection as a side effect. Needless to say, she takes care of the problem for you. After the act, she collects your seed in a ‘love vessel’, mentioning that human semen is quite valuable and can be sold on the black market.

A brief explanation takes place about how Kiara has been commanded to take care of you and that you are now her master. Mention is made of a tutor who remains mostly mysterious throughout the story.

The story continues with a series of sexual encounters and a couple of dates between Kiara and yourself. It isn’t a particularly strong story, with many questions left unanswered and the reliance on anime tropes. It is definitely a case of erotic content prioritized over the story here.

With that said, most would not go into this type of game with high expectations of the story and I felt like the dialogue was well written. Kiara was entertaining and consistent in her desire for her master and jealous of anyone else gaining his attention. There was a bit of fourth-wall breaking and even a reference to a certain well-known song. It never really broke immersion though, as it never got too serious in the first place.

It’s worth noting at this point that Kiara and My Ara Ara Adventure is a fairly short game, clocking in at about ninety minutes. It’s priced accordingly, so this isn’t an issue but it is shorter than a lot of visual novels.

In the end, I can’t say the story was great, but the writing itself was good. And that’s as much as I’d hope for in this type of game.

Catgirl Police


Kiara and My Ara Ara Adventure is a visual novel with multiple choices, leading you to one of three endings, true, neutral, and bad. It’s usually exactly three choices, with a heart popping up on certain choices. This leads me to believe each one corresponds to a particular ending, with the heart giving you the hint to the true ending.

Veering back into story and dialogue for a moment, I should note that you have to be rather mean spirited to get the bad ending. The dialogue often feels off here too, as your words and actions don’t often seem to match up.

One special feature of the game is that Kiara can change into different costumes at certain points. You can choose to dress her up in a low-cut kimono, a sexy maid outfit, lingerie, and more. This was both a visual treat which was worked well into the story and a nice way to add more interactivity into a genre that mostly involves reading.

As Kiara herself tells you in the game, you can press ‘H’ to turn the text box off and more fully appreciate the graphics below as you can with most visual novels. The other basics such as backlog and simple options around sound exist too.

An option I’ve seen in a few original English language visual novels exists here too – the ability to have the game use text-to-speech. While it can sound hilarious to have the erotic scenes read out in a slightly robotic female voice, accessibility options always have to be applauded.

Kiara And My Ara Ara Adventure - Maid

Graphics and Sound

Simply put, Kiara and My Ara Ara Adventure looks great. I’m impressed at how high quality the sprites, CGs, and backgrounds are. Even more so when I remember the low price. Being the type of game it is, the visuals really do need to look good.

Kiara has a wide variety of sprites due to her many costume changes and they all have a good amount of detail. She has a fair few different expressions, though it’s worth noting that she doesn’t have a variety of poses. At all.

Sadly due to the explicit content, I cannot show off any of the CGs in this review, but they can be seen on the store page.

The music sets the scene well. It uses a style that fits in with the idea of a Japanese house in the middle of the forest and the world around it.

Partial voicing is used in the Japanese language. It does help bring Kiara to life, but it is worth noting that it’s just sound bites that are somewhat appropriate for the scene. It doesn’t always connect to what is actually said.

Smug Kiara


I enjoyed my time with Kiara and My Ara Ara Adventure. It’s not an epic adventure story – it’s a lewd adventure. It doesn’t tell much of a story, but it certainly delivers on what it promises. The lewd content is forefront and it’s great. The production values are much higher than expected considering the cost too.


Platforms: PC, Android
Purchase: Denpasoft (PC)

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Many thanks go to Toffer Team for a PC review code for this title.

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