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Marshmallow All the Way Home – Walkthrough & Guide

Marshmallow All the Way Home is a fairly straightforward visual novel, but it is possible to miss a few CGs or other scenes.

This guide will tell you which choices to make to view all scenes, and where to find the extra adult content, and all CGs.

There are no Steam achievements for Marshmallow All the Way Home, as it is only available from non-Steam platforms. 18+ content is included by default, so no patches are required.

If you’ve not checked out the game yet, please check out our detailed review here.

Route Order

All routes can be accessed from the start. Our recommended route order is Sasa > Raiha > Ushio > Kanon.

While this is optional, the Kanon route is the one that reveals that most backstory, while the Ushio route lays some groundwork for this.

There is no JC or Shizuka route, but both can be seen in one of the CGs.

Marshmallow All the Way Home - Route Selection

Viewing All Scenes

In the common route, you will be prompted with choices at two points. At the end of the common route, you will then be prompted with a choice of all four characters, regardless of which choices you previously selected.

To see all content, I recommend saving at all three of these points, then loading, viewing the scene for your chosen character, then loading the next. The character’s names is listed next to the relevant choice below.

  • I invited Kasukabe (Kanon)
  • I invited Asaka (Ushio)
  • I invited Misuzu (Sasa)
  • I invited Rai-Rai (Raiha)
  • Tea Shop (Kanon)
  • Cat Café (Ushio)
  • Art Store (Sasa)
  • Souvenir (Raiha)

Missing Raiha CG and Alternate Ending

Uniquely, Raiha’s route has an additional choice during an adult scene near the end.

  • Cum all over her
  • Knock her up

Unlike most other visual novels where offered similar choices, this will decide on which ending you get. Each ending has a different CG.

Again, it’s suggested to save at this choice and revisit it. While not too important, choosing the ‘Cum all over her’ ending first is suggested.

Marshmallow All the Way Home - Extra Scenes

Extra Adult Scenes

After completing a character’s ending, two bonus scenes will unlock for that heroine. These can be accessed by clicking the character’s sprite on the title screen. It is not on the menu, as is the case with many similar visual novels.

No Ctrl-Skipping for CGs

It’s worth noting that holding Ctrl to skip will not unlock CGs viewed through this method. Additionally, it won’t allow you to jump back to text viewed this way via the backlog command either. If you wish to do this, instead hold Enter.

Platforms: PC (Johren)
Purchase: JAST Store / MangaGamer
Review: Click Here

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Many thanks go to Shiravune for a PC review code for this title.

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