Nook News – 11/21/22 – Granblue Fantasy Relink finally playable in 2023!

Visual Novel News:

MangaGamer announced two titles at AnimeNYC 2022. The first is minori’s Eve of the 12th Month. It’s a story where on Christmas Eve a young man runs into a mysterious girl. He realizes this girl he has no memory of ever meeting is, for some reason, familiar to him, which begins the story. This title will include mosaic censorship.

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The second MangaGamer announcement is the second title in Guilty’s Nightmare series – Nightmare x Onmyouji – Paradox of Forbiddance. It follows the protagonist, Kuon Katsuragi. She is an active “onmyoji”, a magician who uses ancient skills and incantations to purge specters who possess their victims. She meets and joins with Setsuna Shindo, her sister Yuka, and their childhood friend Toma Kitagawa, who do similar work. This title is uncensored.

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While the store page still says ‘Release Date: 2022’, LoveLab have posted on Twitter that there is only one week remaining until the Steam release of Maid for Loving You.

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OKJoy has announced that Bacchanalia, an Otome Game about Entertainment Industry will be released soon. The store page currently says November, but no exact date has been given without much time left in the month.

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Gaming News:

In what is quickly becoming the Japanese equivalent of Duke Nukem ForeverGranblue Fantasy Relink has had a troublesome time in development. But finally, the game will be in a playable state and the public will get their first chance to play this long-awaited title! The event is titled Granblue Fantasy FES 2022-2023 and will take place from January 20th, 2023 to January 22nd, 2023. It is also worth noting that the event will also reveal new information on the fighting game spin-off, Granblue Fantasy: Versus.

Nintendo’s first big title of 2023 is getting a bit more promotion! Fire Emblem Engage is the latest entry in the popular strategy RPG franchise, and we just got a brand new trailer showcasing more of the game’s story.

Fire Emblem Engage launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on January 20th, 2023.

Watch the trailer for Fire Emblem Engage

The former head of Sonic Team and co-creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, Yuji Naka, was arrested earlier this week. The arrest has been reported to be because he was involved in an insider trading ring related to Dragon Quest Tact, a free mobile game.

On a more positive note related to the blue blur, we’re less than one month away from the premiere of Netflix’s Sonic Prime! While we got a teaser for the series not too long ago, we finally have a full trailer that fully showcases the universe-hopping antics Sonic is going to get involved in.

Sonic Prime premieres exclusively on Netflix on December 15th.

Watch the Sonic Prime trailer

Want one last hit of high-paced action before the year is over? Well, D3 Publisher has got you covered! Samurai Maiden sees Tsumugi Tamaori, a modern-day schoolgirl, wind up in the Japanese Sengoku period. Now she has to hack and slash through hordes of the undead with help from three friendly ninjas.

Samurai Maiden releases for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on December 8th.

Anime News:

The final batch of episodes in the wacky lives of the Joestar family is less than two weeks away! Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean just received one more trailer before its release on December 1st, showcasing what fans can expect from episode 25 to episode 38.

Watch the trailer for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

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