Nook News – 11/28/22 – Sales and Scenarios

Welcome to another week of Nook News. Unfortunately, our regular news writer is busy and as such, we only have visual novel news. Fortunately, he should be back next week with the news on, anime, game releases and new announcements!

Visual Novel News:

The Steam Autumn is nearing it’s end. On 29th November, 2022 the majority of sales will be over. Most visual novel publishers have put their titles on discount, so go check then out and maybe even check our extensive list of visual novel reviews to find out more about them or our yearly lists of the top visual novels for ideas.

Not all sales end directly on the 29th November though. For example, The Nintendo eShop sale is going on until 30th November, 2022. Sekai Project has listed their eShop titles as on sale until the 4th of December.

CyberStep, Inc. has announced five new editions of – Mischief Dungeon Life – 異世界転生した俺のイタズラダンジョンライフ featuring individual scenario of each heroine from the original title.

The 5 Heroine Editions are now available on the Steam Store and Nintendo eShop.

Find the Store Pages Here

Indie developer VerumVincula has released VTuber Connect on Steam and as a free title. It describes itself as a “love letter to VTubers as a medium. One that hides nothing, but embraces everything“.

Find the Store Page Here

As mentioned in the news post from a couple weeks ago, Please Be Happy by Studio Élan has now released on Steam. It is a slice of life story following a Korean fox spirit who travels to New Zealand to search for a particular human.

Find the Store Page Here

More Visual Novel News

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