Nook News – 11/6/23 | Kingdom Hearts Goes Global!

Visual Novel News:

After initially delaying Succubus Sessions: Mami Mamiya’s Sweet Slice of Hell from the original release date of 21st July, 2023 and recently announcing that a Q1 2024 was their aim,  Shiravune have announced that it will now be released on 1st December, 2023.

After years of isolation, a friendly son of Adam is just what Mami’s village needs to reacquaint itself with the outside world! Demon contact, however, can prove lethal to your average joe… Not Koichi, though. This guy’s built different.

Find the Announcement Here

Another Shiravune title, Tenioha! feat. Mami by developer rootnuko+H has now been released. This dark romance visual novel focuses on power-centric scenarios with a ‘slightly older, dommy-mommy coworker‘.

Not long ago, I entered the corporate world, brimming with hope and ambition. After a nightmarish first twelve months, however, that all seems like a distant dream. I long for simpler times when my boss’s constant put-downs didn’t ruin my evening commute home. If anything, the bachelor’s life I so looked forward to mirrors my own desperate state of mind, as I dig into another greasy supermarket bento in my apartment alone, next to a sink piled with dirty dishes… A sweet, familiar face flashes through my mind, but I swiftly dismiss it with a shake of my head. “What is wrong with me?! She’s literally my coworker…” Sure, there’s this one girl—the cute and confident Mami Himekawa. She’s got the looks, the laugh, the walk, and that voice, but I highly doubt that we’re compatible that way. Or am I missing something? But just when I least expect it, the answer to that question reveals itself while I’m at work in the office one day—“Hey there, kiddo. You got a moment?”

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Previously announced in 2019, Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II finally has a release date. Aksys Games have announced that it will be coming to PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC on 15th February, 2024.

In Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II, Kazuo Yashiki is back in H City to investigate supernatural occurrences at Konoehara Academy. Some old faces return to aid Yashiki in his quest, and a 2D side-scrolling mode offers a new way to explore locations. Be ready, for when a spirit does attack, crucial mistakes mean certain death.

Find the Announcement Here

LoveSick Darlings finally has a release date. Having been on the yearly NookGaming Most Anticipated Visual Novel lists for the past four years running as it was always expected to release ‘next year’, it seems it finally will. LoveSick Darlings will be released on 27th March, 2024.

LoveSick Darlings is a grounded, realistic, emotional story about a close group of friends at school growing up and trying to understand their own feelings – as well as the feelings of those around them. You play as Syd, teenage boy who goes to Foster Hill High – a school in a quiet Australian town. The school year is coming to a close and Syd has to decide how he’s going to confess his feelings to his crush – all this while juggling several other friendships and potential love interests in his life.

Find the Announcement Here

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Gaming News:

The second and final DLC pack for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released before the end of the year! Titled The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 2: The Indigo Disk, it will be released on December 14th, with the announcement coming with a brand new piece of key art. You do have to have completed the original DLC to access this, which you can find our review of here.

After first being announced during the franchise’s 20th anniversary, we finally have more information on the next game in the Kingdom Hearts series! Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is a GPS-based action RPG and we got a better look at how the game will play in the form of a brand-new trailer. What’s more, the game is now accepting applications for closed beta testers in the United Kingdom and Australia and will be open until November 19th.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link launches for iOS and Android in 2024.

Watch the Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link trailer

Tekken 8 recently revealed the second brand-new character joining the game’s roster! The trailer introduced the new fighter as Victor Chevalier; a French agent with high-tech weaponry. The actor playing him is Vincent Cassel, who’s been in projects such as Black SwanOcean’s TwelveIrreversible, and Westworld.

Tekken 8 releases for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC on January 26th, 2024.

Watch the Victor Chevalier trailer for Tekken 8

Lies of P, a soulslike inspired by Pinocchio launched to positive reviews, with Neowiz announcing the game has sold over a million copies. To celebrate, the game’s director, Ji Won Choi, released a video on what we can expect from the game in the future. A balance patch will be released in November with the aim of balancing the game’s weapons, along with some quality-of-life changes. We also received a tease for future content coming to the game through new concept art.

Upcoming Releases:

Before the release of the latest entry in the Like a Dragon franchise, a spin-off starring the series’ original protagonist is releasing this week! Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name sees you playing Kazama Kiryu in the role of a secret agent in Osaka and Yokohama. Rather than being an RPG like the previous entry, this spin-off returns the series to its beat-’em-up roots, along with a plentiful amount of activities to participate in.

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC on November 9th.

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