Nook News – 30/5/22 – KonoSuba’s Comeback!

Visual Novel News:

The latest visual novel from Key is finally making its way to the west this week! Loopers tell the story of a high school boy named Tyler and his friends getting stuck in a time loop and joining others in the same predicament to try and break the cycle.

Loopers releases for Nintendo Switch on June 2nd.

Need more Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche in your life? NekoNyan have announced that their next release will be Kinkoi: Golden Time, a fandisc with an extra story for this highly-regarded title by Saga Planets. While there is a store page, the release date has not yet been announced.

Not played Kinkoi yet? Check out our review of the title here.

Find the Store page here

Following last week’s announcement of Irotoridori no Sekai, an extra piece of information has come to light. Chuee from the NekoNyan team mentioned they’re using the new HD version to localize it.

Find more details here

Irotoridori no Sekai - Example

Developer Blissful Work’s have teamed up with publisher Sekai Project to announce the release of One Last Crane on July 4th. It sounds like a tearjerker with the following description.

Yuuki Murakami, a boy who has a brain tumor. After a long year of treatment without any positive results, Yuuki asks for his final wish: to return to his hometown and fulfill his promise to meet again with his childhood friend, Saki Nishimura…

Find the Store Page here

PQube have now released Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers. It’s the follow-up to 2019’s Arcade Spirits, taking place in an alternate universe where arcades never lost their popularity.

This visual novel features the ability to date whoever you want regardless of your pronouns, or focus on building friendships instead.

Find the Store Page here

River Crow Studio will be releasing Corpse Factory on Steam on June 1st and later on Nintendo Switch. It’s a psychological thriller, describing itself as follows:

Discard your sense of morality and enter the world of CORPSE FACTORY. An obscure website allows users to request a death. Victims supposedly receive a photograph of their own corpse before they are killed! With English voice acting by an all-star cast.

Find the Store Page here

More Visual Novel News

Gaming News:

While fans are still waiting for the next batch of episodes for the sixth part of this hugely popular series, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure‘s latest game received a bunch of new information! Four more characters were confirmed to be joining the roster: Robert E. O. Speedwagon from Part 1, Mariah and Pet Shop from Part 3, and Diego Brando from Part 7. On top of that, the game’s release date was announced, a demo for the game will be released, and both a digital deluxe edition and a collector’s edition are being produced, the latter of which includes a special color version statue of Jolyne Cujoh.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R releases for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 2nd.

Watch the release date trailer for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

If you’re a fan of RPGs, you’re probably very familiar with Yoshitaka Amano. He’s made a name for himself with his artwork for many of the Final Fantasy titles, but he’s working on a new art piece you might be quite surprised to hear about. In an upcoming issue of Batman, specifically, issue #1063, Yoshitaka Amano is drawing an exclusive variant cover for the issue. If you plan to get a copy for yourself, keep in mind that you have a 1 in 25 chance of getting this specific cover.

Batman #1063 goes on sale on August 23rd.

Anime News:

While it’s been nearly a year since the announcement, who doesn’t like friendly reminders? Studio Drive re-announced the return of one of the most popular isekai series, KonoSuba! A third season is still in the works, but that’s not all. It was also announced that the prequel novel, KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World, will be getting adapted into animation too! No word on when either series will premiere, but there’s a lot for fans to get excited about!

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a decade since Rooster Teeth debuted RWBY, but the series has definitely come a long way since its debut! One issue some people mentioned right from the start was the show’s use of 3D animation when it was clearly inspired by anime’s trademark style. Finally, after all this time, RWBY is getting a 2D animated series with some pretty big names behind the project! SHAFT is the animation studio producing the series, with Gen Urobuchi (creator of Fate/Zero and a writer for Madoka Magica) and huke (character designer for Steins;Gate and Black Rock Shooter) also on the project.

RWBY: Ice Queendom premieres on July 3rd.

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