Nook News – 7/17/23 | The Minato Aqua Visual Novel is Coming West!

Visual Novel News:

Entergram have announced that Aquarium, the visual novel starring Minato Aqua from Hololive will be released in English as a physical edition on 26th October, 2023. Fellow Hololive streamers are included, with Honshou Marine playing a senior maid and Shirakami Fubuki playing the master’s sister. This version will include an extra story based on Twitter submissions. A Steam release has been announced as coming “later on”, but no store page has been released as of the time of writing. English will not be supported in the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation versions.

This is the summer story of Aqua – a beginning maid carrying a secret – and her master (the player) who lost part of his memory. The young Master, heir to the Francois family, has the same nightmare every night. In it, he meets a girl, but they always end up quarreling and parting ways with the words “I hate you” ringing in his ears. But just who is this girl…? One summer’s day, the young Master’s elder sister tells him that in order to prepare for succeeding to the Francois family estate, he is to practice his leadership abilities. To do that, his sister wishes for him to take a new maid under his wing so that he can guide and help her grow. “I am the new maid, Aqua. From today, I will be responsible for your well-being, Master.”

Find the Store Page Here

As previously mentioned, Alcot’s Clover Day’s Plus will be coming to Steam in August, 2023, after reportedly initially being banned. NekoNyan have now confirmed the release date as 18th August, 2023.

Bottled-up emotions… An everlasting oath… Heartfelt desires… An enduring regret… And a childhood promise. Yuuto was abandoned by his parents and raised in an orphanage in Britain before a trading merchant by the name of Takakura Yoshiomi adopted him and brought him to Japan.

Find the Store Page Here

Japanese developer and publisher ILLUSION has announced that they will discontinue the development and sales of ILLUSION products as of August 18, 2023 at 10:00 (Japan time). They note that customers who have already purchased and downloaded their games will be able to continue playing it. While the ILLUSION statement notes customers who have already downloaded, typically Steam and most other services allow anyone who has bought a discontinued game to continue downloading it.

While ILLUSION is more known these days for games known mostly for their character creators / sex simulators such as Koikatsu and Honey Select, they have published many visual novels in the past.

Find the Announcement Here

In more lighthearted news, recently some people have been using TSX, the app to post an image or 15 second video on a video billboard at Times Square, New York to post visual novel characters. Reddit user /u/Brenzicure posted about showing Hisui from Tsukihime, while Twitter user @redwol344x tweeted about showing Sumika from Muv Luv’s toilet CG.

Image Credit: @redwol344x via Earthcam Video

Of Sense and Soul: A Queer Victorian Romance Game recently launched it’s KickStarter and achieved 33% funding in approximately 24 hours, which is a promising start. It describes itself as a soft, slow burn LGBT+ historical romance visual novel about personal growth and belonging in 1870s London.

When editorialist Hugo Brooks begrudgingly responds to an advert in The Matrimonial News at his cousin’s request, the last thing he expects is to meet someone like Seamus Charkham — a gentleman of a restless nature. Despite being different from one another in every way, the two are at a similar crossroads in life, where living in the present distracts them from their innermost fears: for Hugo, a fear of the expectant future; for Seamus, a fear of the unsettled past. Through better understanding themselves and growing from the moments they share, they find that things can change for the better — and that the marks we leave on the lives of those around us are so much greater than we realise.

Find the KickStarter Here

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Gaming News:

Survival horror classics many people talk about include Resident Evil and Silent Hill, but one that doesn’t get talked about nearly as much is the Super Famicom classic, Clock Tower. That makes some sense, as the original game has never received an official English release… until now! WayForward, best known for the Shantae series, and with assistance from Limited Run Games, are creating an enhanced version of the original game, marking the first time the game has ever been released in both North America and Europe.

Clock Tower‘s enhanced port will release for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in early 2024.

Watch the announcement trailer for Clock Tower

The next DLC chapter for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is on the way, and it focuses on one of the earlier parts of the franchise! This new chapter focuses on the 23rd World Tournament arc from the original Dragon Ball series, with a heavy emphasis on ground combat, when compared to the more aerial-focused combat system in the original release.

No release window for the 23rd World Tournament DLC chapter for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot has been announced at this time.

Watch the trailer for the 23rd World Tournament DLC chapter for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Do any of you remember the PSP franchise, Patapon? Well, the creator of that franchise is creating a brand new rhythm action title: RATATAN! Not much is known about the title or what platforms it will release on, but a Kickstarter page will launch on July 31st, so you’ll be able to support this new franchise directly through crowdfunding.

Watch the RATATAN announcement trailer

Anime News:

Despite virtually no promotion being made for Hayao Miyazaki’s new movie from Studio Ghibli, the film has now been confirmed to be getting a Western theatrical release! The film is known as How Do You Live? in Japan, but the localized name for the film is The Boy and the Heron. If you are expecting any promotion for this English release, the distributor is sticking to the same plan as Studio Ghibli and not releasing any information about the film.

The Boy and the Heron arrives in North American theaters this year.

An anime adaptation of a light novel has been confirmed, and as you might expect, the title is quite a long one! Sentenced to Be a Hero: The Prison Records of Penal Hero Unit 9004 adapts Rocket Shokai’s original story into animation, although no other information such as the animation studio or release window is known at this time.

One of Shonen Jump’s older properties is getting a modern coat of paint with a new movie, and it’s coming to the West! City Hunter The Movie: Angel Dust has been confirmed to be getting a theatrical release in the UK, Ireland, and North America in 2024.

Upcoming Releases:

Nintendo’s big release for the Summer is ready to be plucked and played! After many years of waiting, Pikmin 4 is finally here and brings with it the tried-and-tested strategy gameplay in a charming world, but with a few twists unique to this new installment.

Pikmin 4 launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on July 21st.

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