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Sugar Sweet Temptation – Walkthrough & Guide | Shugaten

Sugar Sweet Temptation (Shugaten! -sugarfull tempering-) offers a common route, three character routes, and an epilogue with several choices along the way.

This guide will tell you about the choices, how to unlock the epilogue and CG variants, and explain the situation regarding the adult patch.

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Sugar Sweet Temptation - Chocolat Adult

18+ Content

If you have purchased the Steam version of Sugar Sweet Temptation, you can download the free 18+ DLC via the Love Lab website. Download the patch, open the .7z archive file with a program such as 7Zip, extract the files (patch.xp3 and patch.xp3.sig), and copy them into Sugar Sweet Temptation install folder.

Without this patch, the adult scenes are removed and some text around them is modified, but no routes are cut. There is mosaic censorship with the patch.

Steam Achievements

There are achievements for completing the prologue, completing each route, completing all routes, and a final one for completing the epilogue.

Sugar Sweet Temptation - Kori and Meru in bed

Route Order

My suggested route order is Meru > Chocolat > Kori. They can be played in any order though.

Kori is my suggestion for the last route specifically, as it feels closest to the true route and contains more hints for the central mystery. The order of the other two are less strong suggestions, but Meru is the least concerned with learning about Crow’s past or the legend of the town, while some of Chocolat’s story leads nicely into Kori’s.


Completing all routes and the epilogue will unlock all CGs. There are no hidden ones, but H-scenes have choices that will unlock variants.


During the prologue, you will find four choices:

  • Match his gaze/Look away
  • Take a different approach…literally/Launch an all-out offensive
  • Avoid it/Let it hit me
  • I can’t figure it out/Tell her the uniform looks good

None of these matter, other than some slightly different text.

The next choice is a direct choice asking which route you want to enter. You can save here by selecting save via the top bar menu. The regular user interface is hidden on this page, so you cannot save the normal way.

Sugar Sweet Temptation - Choice

In each route, you are given a choice.


  • Tickle her feet/Pull her under the table


  • Sit down anyway/Play in the snow


  • Call out to her/I’m worried about Meru

Again, aside from minor text differences, it doesn’t matter which you choose. As noted above though, in the adult scenes your choice does affect the CG variant unlocked in the gallery.

Sugar Sweet Temptation - Epilogue


To unlock the epilogue, you need to complete all three routes. A button will then appear on the menu to start the epilogue.

Platforms: PC
Purchase: JAST Store
Review Link: Click Here

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