Umbraclaw - Featured Image for Review
Adventure Platformer Review

Umbraclaw – Review

It feels like it’s been forever since Inti Creates last made a fully original series. Although recent installments in Gunvolt, Blaster Master, and Gal Gun have been keeping them busy, I was left hoping for something new. Those prayers have been answered in the form of Umbraclaw, from the same minds who brought us Blaster […]

Princess Peach: Showtime - Featured Image for Review
Action Adventure Review

Princess Peach: Showtime! – Review

It’s time for Mario to move over. Princess Peach: Showtime! puts the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom on stage, trading her crown for a sword, detective hat, a mermaid tail, and far more. It’s Peach Time Princess Peach: Showtime! sees the titular character decide to visit the Sparkle Theater. Unfortunately, things soon go wrong. A […]

ANONYMOUS;CODE - Featured Image
Adventure Review Visual Novel

Anonymous;Code – Review | Hack The Future

The Science Adventure series is visual novel royalty, spawning highly regarded entries like Chaos;Head and Chaos;Child, as well as the phenomenon that is Steins;Gate. With several years since the last mainline series release (even longer since the last one available in English), Science Adventure fans, myself included, have been eagerly awaiting ANONYMOUS;CODE. There’s plenty to […]

Hazel Sky - Featured Image
Adventure Puzzle Review

Hazel Sky – Review | Hazy > Hazel

Developed by Coffee Addict Studio and published by Neon Doctrine (formerly Another Indie), Hazel Sky is a story-rich puzzle adventure game where Shane Casey would undergo the Trials in hope of becoming a full-fledged engineer of Gideon. This indie 3D game was released for PC (Windows), Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch in July 2022. It […]

Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate – Episode 1 - Featured Image
Adventure Anime Review Virtual Reality

Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate – Episode 1 – Review

There’s been a murder in paradise. Here crime isn’t just low, but it shouldn’t even be possible. Protected from the dangerous outside world, this is a futuristic city where every resident is connected to a collective dream and everything is monitored. How did it happen? And is everything really as pleasant as it seems? These […]

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising - Featured Image
Action Adventure Review RPG

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – Review

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising began life as a Kickstarter goal for the Suikoden spiritual sequel Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Launching as somewhat of a taster of the world, let’s dive into this Metroidvania-style adventure and see if it’s a chronicle worth experiencing. Let Me Spin You A Yarn Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising stars treasure hunter CJ. She’s […]

Beyond a Steel Sky - Featured Image
Adventure Puzzle Review

Beyond a Steel Sky – Review

Revolution Software are known for their visionary approach to the puzzle adventure genre and with Beyond a Steel Sky (a spiritual successor to 1994’s Beneath a Steel Sky), they have coated a classic formula in a new sheen of paint. Having spent a great deal of my formative gaming years bending my head around the multilayered puzzles of […]

The Eternal Cylinder - Featured Image
Adventure Review Survival

The Eternal Cylinder – Review | The Many and the One

Life starts from an egg for a creature called a trebhum, and our newly hatched trebhum, small but curious, peers out into a strange world. At that same moment, a great endless Cylinder wakes from its slumber. Slowly it rouses; faster it grows—rumbling, rolling, crushing, consuming—eternal and inevitable. The trebhum flees the destruction as fast […]

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles - Featured Image
Adventure Anime Review Visual Novel

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – Review | Got It!

For many gamers, Ace Attorney is the premier name in murder mysteries. The series’ exciting blend of courtroom drama, adventure-style investigations, and visual novel storytelling have produced a wealth of highly regarded games, and the image of Phoenix Wright objecting, hand outstretched and finger pointed, is iconic. Accordingly, the latest entry in the franchise, The […]

Unmetal - Featured Image
Action Adventure Review Stealth

UnMetal – Preview | Slapstick Stealth, Half-Baked Havoc

Ever wondered what it would be like if Metal Gear Solid didn’t take itself at all seriously? Upcoming game UnMetal from developer @unepic_fran and publisher Versus Evil looks like the answer to that question. I got a chance to preview the game ahead of its launch later this summer, and I’ll be sharing my impressions of the first three chapters. Let […]