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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk – Review

Team Reptile is perhaps best known for their work on the Lethal League games, competitive 2D games with an artistic flair similar to Jet Set Radio. Jet Set Radio itself has been on radio silence for more than two decades now. Team Reptile’s latest project, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, aims to fill the shoes left behind […]

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Arcade Paradise – Review

Is there anything more deliciously 90s than a Laundromat slash Arcade? Growing up in the UK, I can’t personally back this claim up. That said, from various nostalgic forum posts, films, TV shows, and the developers’ Nosebleed Interactive idea I think that statement could be correct. The question remains; Will this be an Arcade Paradise […]

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Action Arcade Indie Review

Wonder Blade – Review | Take Up Arms

Side-scrolling beat ’em ups have widely been considered a thing since 1984. A legacy of slowly waddling left to right, swinging swords, and throwing punches at whatever orc, demon or hoodlum dare cross your path. Wonder Blade, developed by East2west Games, comes barreling into the fray – armed and ready for some glorious noodle-slapping carnage. […]