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Action Arcade Review

Breakneck City – Review

Gangs bullying civilians into submission, people carrying weapons, and main characters who know how to kick ass. We have here all the ingredients for a classic beat ’em up. Let’s head on down to Breakneck City. Take Me Down to Breakneck City Breakneck City is one of those traditional beat ’em up games in the […]

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Anime Arcade Indie Review

Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold’em Review | Not Exactly Strip Poker

A wise man once said, “If you’ve got eggs, you’ve got a meal.” Well, I have a quote of my own: “If you’ve got playing cards, you’ve got a game.” They may look like 52 cards with 4 suits of different types, but the amount of games created with them is staggering! They can include […]

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Anime JRPG Review

Moero Crystal H – Review | Sexual Satire

FAN SERVICE: THE GAME I’ve always maintained a single belief. In my opinion, nudity or any sort of sexual pandering doesn’t inherently mean a horrible title. It’s the gameplay that should dictate such things. For instance, Gal Gun 2 is filled with lewd content and yet it’s actually a competent on-rails shooter. The same can be said […]

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Indie Review Rogue-Like Shooter

Many Faces – Review | A Faceless Shooter

One of Many Faces The Nintendo Switch is a melting pot of indie titles, many of which are pretty awful but contribute to the successful smothering of legitimately good games. Roguelikes, arguably my favorite sub-genre, are the most egregious of offenders. It is impossible to search the eShop without nimbly navigating a nefarious nexus of […]