Sade - Featured
Review Visual Novel

Sade – A My Time with Dee Dee Game – Early Impressions

Meeting an Old Love Here we go again! Let’s get into another date with our good old partner Dee Dee in the demo for the fifth installment in this series of visual novels. These are developed and published by DigitallyDownloaded for PC, and available to their Patreons! Showing off my Dee Dee skills If you’ve […]

Summer Loop - Featured
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Summer Loop: A My Time With Dee Dee Game – Review

A Fan Returns I’m excited to be reviewing this series. Wait, have I not looked at this already? Nah. This time I’m going to be looking at Summer Loop; it’s the fourth game in the “A Time with Dee Dee” series. It’s developed and published by Digitally Downloaded, more often known for its news and […]

Dating Sim Review Visual Novel

Monster Prom XXL – Review | An Upcoming Promposal!

BACK WHEN I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL… Monster Prom XXL is a Visual Novel/Dating Simulator that’ll have you flirting with your classmates. Whether it’s male or female, there’s no discrimination. I’ve got to applaud this. Not many titles are LGBTQ+ friendly, and it’s a criticism that’s plagued gaming. That’s a thing of the past as they’re […]

Many Faces - Featured
Indie Review Rogue-Like Shooter

Many Faces – Review | A Faceless Shooter

One of Many Faces The Nintendo Switch is a melting pot of indie titles, many of which are pretty awful but contribute to the successful smothering of legitimately good games. Roguelikes, arguably my favorite sub-genre, are the most egregious of offenders. It is impossible to search the eShop without nimbly navigating a nefarious nexus of […]

Review Rogue-Like

Atomicrops – Review | Farming with a Side of Hell

PLANT A POTATO AND SHOOT A BUNNY! While enjoying a peaceful romp in Stardew Valley, a thought cropped up. One thing that would round this experience out would be if I could shoot things. I would love to be able to kill while planting and harvesting. Not just typical foliage either. My mind was specific in what […]

Liberated - Feature
Indie Review

Liberated – Review | We’re Watching You

WE‘RE LEGION. WE’RE LIBERATED! An action-adventure with shooter elements. Those are the genres used to describe Liberated. I’ve got to admit, I wouldn’t have guessed if it weren’t for this. At first, watching the trailer gave no hint to this. Sure, there were brief glimpses of in-game shots, but never anything about actual game-play. Still, the […]