Curse of the Sea Rats - Featured Image
Action Platformer Review

Curse of the Sea Rats – Review

Both Disney and Don Bluth were staples of my childhood, so when I heard about Curse of the Sea Rats, a “ratroidvania” game in the style of these classic animated films, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. Curse of the Sea Rats certainly looks the part and talks the talk, but how does it play? […]

Maglam Lord - Featured Image
Action Anime JRPG Review

Maglam Lord Review – Daily Life of a Demon Lord

Playing the bad guy can be an enjoyable change of pace! These kinds of stories give a neat alternate perspective and even the opportunity to write a strong redemption arc. Of course, this is assuming the villain you’re playing is all-powerful at the start of their story, but what happens when they’re put out of […]

Horror Review

Tormented Souls – Review | Classic Tricks, Modern Fear

Survival Horror had its “golden age” in the 90’s, following a strict set of conventions and tropes. Tormented Souls, by Dual Effect, aims to utilize the core mechanics of Survival Horror but with a modernized twist. Detailed backgrounds, complex puzzles, limited supplies, and backtracking are all present here. However, Tormented Souls also adheres to the fixed camera perspective […]

Raiden IV x Mikado Remix - Featured Image
Anime Review Shooter

Raiden IV x Mikado Remix – Review

Few shoot-em-ups carry as much recognition and heft as Raiden. Gracing both Arcades and home consoles, Raiden’s mix of high challenge, slapping music, and iconic red and green sprite is known the world over. Unfortunately, Raiden has fallen on some hard times recently with Raiden V being a particularly poor entry in the venerable series. […]

BUSTAFELLOWS - Featured Image
Anime Review Visual Novel

BUSTAFELLOWS – Review | A Gripping Roller Coaster Ride

I have to mention as an otome player, I am rather out of the loop. I did not know about BUSTAFELLOWS until sometime this year, even though the visual novel was first released in Japan back in December 2019 and an English localization had been announced in December 2020. Still, like many others, I have since been […]

Root Film - Featured Image
Anime Review Visual Novel

Root Film – Review | Lights, Camera, Action!

Two franchises I hold in high regard are both Ace Attorney and Danganronpa. There’s just something truly special about a great murder mystery. Toss in a powerful narrative and you have your claws firmly sunken into me. Visual Novels have an innate ability to whisk me into another world. It’s a genre that will consist of minimal […]

Anime Dating Sim Review Shooter

Gal*Gun Returns – Review | A Shot to the Heart

I love IntiCreates! With 25 years of history in the gaming industry, they’ve established themselves as masters of 2D action platformers! From classics like the Mega Man Zero series, modern reimaginings like Azure Striker Gunvolt and Blaster Master Zero, or love-letters to gaming’s history like Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon and much, much more! But […]

Kowloon High-School Chronicle - Featured
Anime Review RPG

Kowloon High-School Chronicle – Review

Are you a fan of school-based visual novels? What about anime? Classic first-person dungeon crawlers? Indiana Jones? What if I told you there was a game that took all of those things, grabbed a steamroller made from an infinite number of smaller steamrollers, and mashed them together into one game? I suspect you would brandish […]

Nexomon Extinction - Featured
Review RPG

Nexomon: Extinction – Review | Nexotrap Go!

Love monster-catching RPGs? Tired of waiting for the next Pokémon or don’t have a Nintendo Switch? You may want to check out Nexomon: Extinction, which is available for PC, XBox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.  Does it measure up to the well-known titles in the genre? Or does this sequel to a mobile game fall flat? In this […]