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Platformer Review

Berserk Boy – Review

Berserk Boy is an indie 2D action-platformer influenced by many classic sidescrollers of the 16 and 32-bit eras. As a sucker for games with dynamic movement and sense of speed, the early trailers for this game caught my eye and piqued my interest. With the game out now on PC and Switch, I figured it’d […]

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Narrative Review Side-Scroller

A Taste of the Past – Review | Dumplings Seasoned With Tears

Released as a free game for PC on 11 March 2022, Sondering Studio’s A Taste of the Past is a narrative side-scroller with cooking mini-games that brings players on a poignant and introspective adventure. Follow the protagonist on a 30-minute journey that is pickled in bittersweet memories and simmering under the gentle fire of familial love lasting […]

Action Arcade Review

Streets of Rage 4 – Review | Punch You In the Face

I grew up in the 90’s; the era of Arcades and DDR competitions. Consoles themselves were home to titles whose sole objective was getting the highest score. Double Dragon and Streets of Rage were two franchises I frequented. The game-play was so addictive. It was also nice to be unlocking extra additions simply by playing the game. Something that […]