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Scott Pilgrim VS The World: The Game – Review | Rock on!

The legend goes that in 2010, a game known as Scott Pilgrim VS The World: The Game released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. I vividly remember playing it after becoming obsessed with the movie that inspired it. That’s right, this by all respects is a video game based on a film. Not to despair though as it’s more […]

Moero Chronicle H - Featured
JRPG Review

Moero Chronicle H – Review | Dungeon Crawling Harem

More sexual than your average JRPG… For those unaware, Moero Chronicle H focuses heavily on sexualization. It has you not only ripping the clothing off females, but also has another core mechanic that’s nothing but salacious. You’re required to rub their nude bodies. We feel this should be stated upfront so you know what you’re about […]

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Phoenotopia Awakening – Review | The Adventures of Gail

WELL, HERE WE GO AGAIN! Zelda clone; it’s a descriptor used so often that it could be its own genre. Several titles follow this tried and true formula. While a few do succeed, others flounder. It’s a competitive scene. That won’t discourage further iterations from releasing. Phoenotopia Awakening is exactly what you’d expect. It’s roots – believe […]

Banner of the Maid - Featured
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Banner of the Maid – Review | History in the Making

VIVA LA FRANCE! I’ve come to be a fan of strategy RPGs. As a wee lad, I admit I predominantly played and enjoyed turn-based ones. They’re easy to control and plan out. SRPG’s are a different breed. They require more brainpower and are a bit more random. RNG is a big factor in if you connect with […]

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Fairy Tail – Review | Let the Magic Games Begin!

IT’S FAIRY TAIL, NOT FAIRY TALE An anime spanning over 300 episodes, with a few video game adaptions. There’s no denying Fairy Tail has been successful. Even I haven’t been able to escape hearing of it, despite never having seen it. The size is intimidating and will be a massive time sink to binge. So, when I […]