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Tamayura Mirai – Walkthrough & Guide

Tamayura Mirai takes you through a common route with 5 choices if you have the full 18+ version. Only one choice is important, but others may affect your experience and one route is locked.

This guide will tell you which choices to make to access the four routes, the recommended order, and explains the situation regarding the adult patch.

The Steam version of Tamayura Mirai does not include Steam Achievements, which is standard for Shiravune visual novels.

If you’ve not yet purchased this game, you may wish to first check out our review.

18+ Content

If you have purchased the Steam version of Tamayura Mirai, you can download the free 18+ DLC via Johren. You will need to register an account first. Then download the patch, unzip the files, and copy them into Tamayura Mirai’s install folder.

Either playing the Johren version or the Steam version with this patch is required to access all of the routes. While 18+ content is included, mosaic censorship remains in place.

Completing routes unlocks extra 18+ scenes accessible via the ‘Extra’ button on the title menu.

Route Order

Shiro’s route can only be unlocked after completing the routes for Yukina, Hanako, and Midari.

The other routes can all be accessed immediately. These can be played in any order, but I recommend Midari > Hanako > Yukina. Yukina’s route is the longest of these three and the most plot-focused.

Only the final choice determines which route you enter, but the below are recommended as the ‘good’ choice for the character.

If you are playing the Steam version without the 18+ patch, some choices will be missing or different. You will be presented with a final choice of ‘I love Midari/I love Yukina’. Hanako’s and Shiro’s routes are not available on the Steam version without the patch.

Tamayura Mirai - Midari

Midari Route


  • Hold her to calm her down
  • Tactfully explain
  • Girls’ restroom > Hanako
  • Change the subject
  • Stare at Midari

Tamayura Mirai - Hanako

Hanako Route


  • Roll off and under the bed
  • Be direct
  • I-I wanted to see you, too
  • Change the subject
  • Cheer Up Hanako

Tamayura Mirai - Yukina

Yukina Route


  • Roll off and under the bed
  • Be direct
  • Girls’ restroom > Hanako
  • Change the subject
  • Compliment Yukina

Tamayura Mirai - Shiro

Shiro Route


  • Roll off and under the bed
  • Be direct
  • Girls’ restroom > Hanako
  • Pat her head
  • Walk with Shiro (This option will only appear after completing the other three routes)
Platforms: PC
Purchase Link: Johren (PC) / Steam (PC)
Review Link: Click Here

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