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The Otaku Box – What’s In The August 2023 Box?

It’s time for another look at The Otaku Box. If you missed our previous coverage, it’s a customizable anime surprise box, with figures, cloth posters, and random anime items inside. Members can vote on what characters or series should be included next.

What Sort of Thing is Inside?

Each month brings figures, t-shirts, and cloth posters, alongside some other things. Notable of The Otaku Box is that it runs somewhat lewder than most other anime boxes. There’s even an uncensored option, which does include nudity on the cloth poster.

The items do change slightly depending on the options. Aside from the level of lewdness, you can either remove the t-shirt for a lower cost and choose whether to include a 1:9 scale figure or a mini-figure instead. Long-term subscribers can also get bonus items.

It is worth noting that this is an unofficial, but not bootleg item box. They work with artists to create the items. It sits between things like the Sugoi Mart Anime Set which is fully official, and Anime Box Club, which appears to use fanart without attribution and clones of official models.

Fortunately, each box also includes an information sheet. This lets you know about all the items, with a little commentary.

What’s In the Box – August 2023

Opening the box up, I found the following:

  • Akeno Himejima Figure
  • Asuka Langley Soryu Mini Figure
  • T-Shirt
  • Cloth Poster
  • Otaku Fitness Phone Armband
  • Anya Forger Bookmark Clip
  • Revy Bottle Opener
  • Nezuko Pin (VIP)
  • Rachnera Arachnera Card (Bonus)
  • Information Sheet

The Otaku Box - August 2023 - Akeno Himejima Figure


This month The Otaku Box sent me an upgraded figure (Akeno) and the mini figure (Asuka). Usually, you get one or the other, depending on your choices. As mentioned, these are all unofficial, but not bootleg goods, so you won’t find them anywhere aside from The Otaku Box.

The August 2023 upgraded figure is titled ‘Priestess of Thunder’ and is of Akeno Himejima from High School DxD. This isn’t too surprising, as The Otaku Box has often used High School DxD, including their bonus Rias figure for new sign-ups.

The figure comes without a stand, as Akeno is posed sitting down, which makes it nice and stable. Instead of her typical school uniform or shrine priestess outfit, she’s wearing a deep-cut red dress with a lot of cleavage and leg on show. The folds are nicely detailed for the price, with feathers on one side.

The Otaku Box - August 2023 - Asuka Langley Soryu Mini Figure

The mini figure is Asuka Langley Soryu, though other characters were an option too, including several versions of Rei. It’s a chibi design, with a giant head that connects to a small body. An arm on the back is inserted which connects to the stand.

It does take some liberties as you’d expect from a chibi design, with her plugsuit looking notably different. The lack of feet isn’t an issue from most angles, but I can’t get them to quite reach the base, so there is a bit of space which looks odd if looking straight on and it wobbles a little when moved.

The Otaku Box - August 2023 - Mio Naruse T-Shirt


The T-shirt runs on the slightly lewd side, with a stylized image of Mio Naruse from The Testament of Sister New Devil. It’s a very nice design, though perhaps one that I might just want to wear around the house or maybe when I get invited to anime conventions instead of in public.

The Otaku Box - August 2023 - Jibril Cloth Poster

Cloth Poster

I’ve had some minor issues with the last couple of cloth posters in The Otaku Box, but this one of Jibril from No Game No Life looks amazing. It’s to the point that I want to frame it. Always happy to see that people haven’t forgotten this series either, despite the unfortunate lack of a season two.

Other Items

Jokes aside about how otaku are inside people, the Otaku Fitness Phone Armband could be a useful item. It attaches to the arm and carries your phone, being just about big enough to hold my Google Pixel 7a. The print quality isn’t very good, but I’m not too bothered since it’s just a logo.

I imagine that the Anya Forger bookmark is going to come in useful as I read manga and light novels. It’s a rather cute design too, though again the printing isn’t brilliant if looking very closely. Still, I’m happy enough to have Anya popping up between pages.

The next item is a metal bottle opener featuring Revy from Black Lagoon in a comic style on both sides. I’m not too familiar with the series, but as I understand it, she’s a heavy drinker, so it’s thematically appropriate. 

VIP subscribers get a pin of Nezuko from Demon Slayer and there’s a bonus card of Rachnera Arachnera from Daily Life With A Monster Girl too.

Final Thoughts

The Otaku Box managed to hit on a couple of anime that I particularly enjoy; The Testament of Sister New Devil and No Game No Life and had some particularly good designs. I’m particularly glad to see a return to form on the cloth poster, with this becoming my new favorite, even over the Coconut (Nekopara) one.

The Akeno figure will go well with the previous Rias figures I’ve received from them too. I would like Koneko and Asia figures next, but their choices tend to be on the busty character side, so that’s unlikely.

Some of the other items are a little more mixed, but there are some useful ones in there. The Anya bookmark is a nice standout one that I think I’ll use well.

Purchase from: The Otaku Box

Many thanks go to The Otaku Box for sending out a box for this feature.

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