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10 Halloween Anime Recommendations To Fright And Delight This October

As we approach the end of October, and the spectre of All Hallows’ Eve looms, we thought it only right to treat you to a list of great Halloween anime to binge before the season wraps up and your worst neighbour puts up the Christmas lights. This list has some treats for everyone regardless of their disposition to horror. I’ve gathered series that I think capture the Halloween vibe, to at least some extent, and also provide an entertaining experience regardless of the season. Regardless of if you’re seeking fights, frights, or delights, this list will have something spooky for you to sink your teeth into this Halloween.

Halloween Anime - Dark Gathering

Dark Gathering

Year: 2023
Studio: OLM
Streaming On: HIDIVE

To start off our roundup of halloween anime for you to dig into this October, we’ve got a newer series, Dark Gathering. The story follows Keitarou, a young man afflicted with incredible sensitivity to spirits, as he tries to get his life back on track after a traumatic experience with a particularly nasty ghost. Things don’t go Keitarou’s way though, as he takes on a job tutoring an odd young girl, Yayoi, who might just be more intertwined with the spirit world than he is. Dark Gathering has one of the strongest first episodes of the season, give it a watch and I promise you’ll be pulled in.

Gabriel DropOut

Year: 2017
Studio: Doga Kobo
Streaming On: Crunchyroll

Those looking for a halloween anime recommendation that’s less spooky, more silly, should give Gabriel DropOut a try. It’s a lighthearted slice-of-life comedy series following the goofy misadventures of four girls, two angels and two demons, living as students in the human world. Doga Kobo have a fair bit of pedigree when it comes to goofball comedy, being responsible for 2011’s YuruYuri and 2014’s Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, two brilliant examples of the genre. Gabriel DropOut builds on that pedigree. There are plenty of laughs to be had here, and whilst it hasn’t got the strongest halloween vibes, there is a nice little halloween episode to enjoy. Also, the presence of two demon girls sort of qualifies as halloween-adjacent.

Halloween Anime - Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia

Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia

Year: 2012
Studio: Silver Link
Streaming On: HIDIVE

If you’d enjoy a little romance with your horror, Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia might be the ticket. The anime tells the story of Seikyou Academy’s paranormal investigation club, who seek to uncover the haunting mysteries of the school. What they don’t know though is that the ghost of the club’s founder is hanging around the clubroom right beside them, invisible to everyone except the protagonist, Teiichi, who has a tough time dealing with the presence of this spirit senpai. Dusk Maiden is a short, fun watch at 12 episodes, but those looking for more complex horror might want to consider the manga instead.

Halloween Anime - Another


Year: 2012
Studio: P.A. Works
Streaming On: Crunchyroll (US)

Another is actually the first “horror” anime I ever watched, so it only made sense to consider it for a list of halloween anime. The show follows Kouichi Sakakibara as he transfers into a new school, only to be met with an unnerving and unfriendly atmosphere in class. Kouichi is drawn to another student, Mei, who no one else in his class seems to perceive at all. From here on all manner of horrors unfold, and it’s up to Kouichi to unravel the mystery of the school and Mei’s situation. Another is a bit of an odd duck, it attempts to mix creeping tension into a gratuitous gorefest, which I understand isn’t the best combo. That said, what’s horror without a bit of jank?

Halloween Anime - Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt

Year: 2006
Studio: J.C. Staff
Streaming On: Crunchyroll

When I think of Halloween television I think of the eccentric nonsense of Most Haunted, a bizarre British ghost hunting show that featured all manner of kooks and charlatans exploring the most haunted places on earth. When I think of Halloween anime then, I must think of Ghost Hunt, which is about as close as we’ll ever get to anime Most Haunted. The show follows a group of young ghost hunters as they investigate mysterious hauntings and happenings on behalf of the Shibuya Psychic Research Company. If, like me, you love ghosts and ghost hunting, but are painfully aware they aren’t real, give Ghost Hunt a go.

Halloween Anime - High School DxD

High School DxD

Year: 2012
Studio: TNK
Streaming On: Crunchyroll, Hulu

Am I stretching a bit putting High School DxD on a list of Halloween anime? Maybe. There is some suspense to the show though, provided you live with loved ones who may well catch you watching it. Our protagonist Issei is a regular old high school boy who, after a bloody encounter with a fallen angel, has his life turned upside down as he enters the service of Rias, a devil girl belonging to the Gremory clan, one of the most high-ranking devil families. There isn’t much horror here, but there are demons and devils, marvelous clashes between the forces of heaven and hell, and plenty of big bughuuls flopping about the place.

Halloween Anime - The Lost Village

The Lost Village

Year: 2016
Studio: Diomedéa
Streaming On: Crunchyroll

What’s better than a masterpiece horror? A disasterpiece horror of course. 2016’s The Lost Village is the perfect Halloween anime for those who prefer their horror with a heaping helping of jank. The story follows a group of 30 people on an unusual bus tour, their destination is a mythical village, Nanakimura. It’s rumored that one can escape all their worldly troubles by settling down in Nanakimura, but that couldn’t possibly be true could it? The Lost Village is a bit of a trainwreck, but it has a lot of heart. The forgiving amongst you might well find something meaningful amidst the wreckage, and the unforgiving might at least have a laugh.

High School Of The Dead

Year: 2010
Studio: Madhouse
Streaming On: HIDIVE (US)

High School of the Dead is somewhat infamous by now for it’s gratuitous panty shots and curious camera angles, but did you know it’s actually quite good? Look past the fanservice frills and you’ll find some brilliant zombie slashing action, and genuinely fantastic animation. The story follows a group of high school students trying to survive in the aftermath of a zombie outbreak. It might not be the most interesting premise, but this is 12 episodes of non-stop thrills, and it has a charming, unique identity that sets it apart from the horde of zombie media that I expect many of you reading are entirely over at this point.

Devilman Crybaby

Year: 2018
Studio: Science SARU
Streaming On: Netflix

Devilman Crybaby was something of a surprise hit when it dropped on Netflix in 2018. Devilman is a series with a long and storied history, and Devilman Crybaby is perhaps its peak. The story follows Akira Fudou, a shy and soft-spoken student, who transforms into the titular Devilman and must fight against ancient demons who have appeared to take over the world. This show excels in almost every category, with beautiful animation, creative fights, a thoughtful narrative, and one of the best soundtracks in anime.

Halloween Anime - Soul Eater

Soul Eater

Year: 2008
Studio: Bones
Streaming On: Crunchyroll (US)

To finish off our list of great halloween anime we’ve got Soul Eater. This is a bigger commitment than most, with 51 episodes to work through. If you’re up for the ride though, Soul Eater has the strongest halloween aesthetic on this list. Even over a decade out from its initial airing, Soul Eater has some fantastic animation work and wonderful, cohesive art direction. The series follows students of the Shibusen school for Shinigami, who work together with “human weapons” to bring down fearsome monsters and defend their home, Death City. Soul Eater is a pretty relaxed watch, focused more on spectacle than substance, which makes it perfect for those seeking treats over tricks.

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