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Gioteck AC2 Ammo Clip – Review | Charge It!

I do like a nice gadget that makes life more convenient. Does it mean I don’t have to stop what I’m doing? Does it speed things up? If so, I’m interested. And that’s why I’m taking a look at the Gioteck AC2 Ammo Clip.

What’s an Ammo Clip?

The Gioteck AC2 Ammo Clip comes in two variants. One for PlayStation 5 and one for XBox Series S | X. The PlayStation version is just a charger, while the XBox variant is a little more pricey and comes with two 600mAh batteries. Before the console wars break out again, I’ll remind you that the PlayStation 5 controller has an internal battery. It can’t be switched over so easily.

I’m looking at the PlayStation 5 version. It comes with the charging unit itself and a 2-meter long braided USB-A to Micro USB cable. As normal, it comes in a well-presented box with an instruction booklet.

Gioteck AC2 Ammo Clip - Contents of Box


After removing it all from the box, everything was fairly self-evident. I connected the cable up to the USB port on my PlayStation 5 and the charger. I then put my controller into the charger. While I only have one controller, it can charge two at the same time and that’s where things start to get convenient.

As you may notice from all the Virtual Reality reviews with my name on them, I like VR. Unfortunately, after connecting up the PSVR and the PS Camera, I have a grand total of one standard USB port left. The Gioteck AC2 Ammo Clip would let me charge two controllers simultaneously, without any pulling cables out of the back of the PlayStation 5. Even with just one controller, it’s tidier than having a cable hanging out.

Aside from not having to mess about with cables, there’s one more convenient thing. You can see if the controller is charging or charged at a glance. While the controller is charging, the Gioteck AC2 Ammo Clip has LEDs that flash bright blue. When fully charged, it stops. It’s simple, but it works well as an indicator.

Gioteck AC2 Ammo Clip - Slotted In

Insert Controller. Receive Power.

Inserting and removing the controller is where things aren’t bad, but certainly aren’t perfect. It’s easy enough to plug in. It did take me a few tries to get used to it, but that’s not really a problem.

Removing it can be a little tough if you don’t know how. There’s certainly a good connection when it slots in and a little power is needed to remove it if just straight on pulling. There are buttons at the top to help – these extend a rod to help push the controller out while you pull. I didn’t really find it helped. After a while, I discovered that just squeezing next to where the controller meets the charger worked well. It just pops off with barely any effort. This isn’t the method in the instructions, so use it at your own peril.

Gioteck AC2 Ammo Clip - Charging

Form Factor

The final note I’ll make on this charger is about the form. Measuring at approximately 7cm x 8cm x 6cm, it barely takes up any space by itself. Some people like chargers that are more like display pieces, sitting on the desk and taking up space. As someone with a chronically cluttered desk, I appreciate that I can easily pick it up and put it behind the TV when not in use. It’s more portable than some types, which are more along the lines of charging stations.


The Gioteck AC2 Ammo Clip is a convenient charger. It doesn’t take up a whole lot of room, saves you a USB port, and lets you know when the controllers are charged. It doesn’t have any amazing advanced features like telling you the percentage charged or time remaining, but it does exactly what it needs to at a notably lower price than the official offering.


Platforms: PlayStation 5, XBox One

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Many thanks go to Gioteck for a review unit.

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