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Harem Kingdom – Walkthrough & Guide

Harem Kingdom is reasonably straightforward. It gives you a direct choice of route at the end, though it doesn’t directly say which route is whose. On top of that, missing CGs is possible and there are a few details around the 18+ patch that are helpful to know.

This guide will tell you which choices to make to view all CGs, explain the endings, and tell you how to install the extra adult content.

There are no Steam achievements for Harem Kingdom, but it is available on Steam as well as other platforms including JAST Store and MangaGamer.

If you’ve not checked out the game yet, please check out our detailed review here.

Harem Kingdom - Title Screen

Adult (18+) Patch

If you have bought the game via Johren, then no extra patch is needed. These patch instructions are only for the Steam version of Harem Kingdom.

You can download an 18+ patch for free from the Johren website. This patch is an .exe file within a .zip file.

First, extract the .exe file. Then run it. It may ask to be pointed to the install folder of Harem Kingdom by saying it cannot be found. If you are unsure of where this is, right-click the listing in your Steam Library, then select Manage > Browse local files to find the filepath.

If it says ‘Failed to update the installation info’, it is likely that it still worked.

You can check this in several ways. Make sure it’s in windowed mode. When on the title screen, the top bar of the window of the Steam version with no 18+ patch will be titled Harem Kingdom R-15 Ver 1.02 + α as in the above screenshot – if the patch is installed, it will remove the R-15. Note that the title will instead state the chapter, such as [01A] during the story.

Another check is to look for references to headpats. There are multiple in the opening scene if the Steam version is not patched successfully.

Harem Kingdom - Headpat Princess

General Tips

If you are coming to this guide after partially completing Harem Kingdom, it may help to know the below is just a recommended order/set of choices for efficiency. You can just repeatedly choose the character you like, then restart. 

Sometimes choices will not give you an option for a certain character – for example, you can never choose Charlene or Hikari in Chapter 3A. This is why certain save points are recommended. Otherwise, it’s a case of choosing a character enough, with it possible to cover two characters per playthrough.

It is also worth noting that you will gain some unexpected CGs from some endings. For example, Sophia’s first CG is unlocked in Marrou’s ending.

Recommended Choices Guide

No matter what choices you make, you will be presented with five potential endings. But to ensure you get all CGs, I recommend the following:

  • Choose: Any Heroine’s Room
  • Save in Slot 1 before the next choice – Chapter 2A
  • Choose: Marrou’s Room
  • Save in Slot 2 before the next choice – Chapter 3A
  • Choose: Marrou’s Room
  • Choose: Kiki’s Room
  • Choose: Kiki’s Room

The next five choices will be immediately after one another. As context, you will be listening to all of their opinions. The order doesn’t matter.

  • Hikari’s room
  • Sophia’s room
  • Kiki’s room
  • Charlone’s room
  • Marrou’s room
  • Save in Slot 3 at the next choice – Chapter 6. You can save at the screen where you can make the choice.

Following these five choices, you may choose any ending

  • The Harem Battle Royale / Path of Fire – Hikari
  • The Comfy Harem / Path of Water – Sophia
  • The Manly Harem / Path of Wind – Charlone
  • The Reverse Harem / Path of Earth – Kiki
  • The Rom Com Harem / Path of Me – Marrou

In some of these endings, it’s possible to make choices. For example, I chose Kiki in Hikari’s ending. These do not matter in terms of CGs unlocked.

After completing an ending, reload the save in Slot 3 and view the others. Repeat this until done.

After completing all endings:

Sophia CGs

  • Load save 1
  • Choose: Sophia’s room (Chapter 2A)
  • Use Next Choice
  • Choose: Sophia’s room (Chapter 3A)

Hikari CGs

  • Load save 1
  • Choose: Hikari’s room (Chapter 2A)
  • Use Next Choice
  • Choose: Any Heroine’s Room (Chapter 3A)
  • Use Next Choice
  • Choose: Any Heroine’s Room (Chapter 4A)
  • Use Next Choice
  • Choose: Any Hikari’s Room (Chapter 5A)

Charlene CGs

  • Load save 1
  • Choose: Charlene’s room (Chapter 2A)
  • Use Next Choice
  • Choose: Any Heroine’s Room (Chapter 3A)
  • Use Next Choice
  • Choose: Charlene’s room (Chapter 4A)

If you used another route through Harem Kingdom, you can find Kiki and Marrou’s common route CGs as below:

Marrou CGs

  • Load save 1
  • Choose: Marrou’s room (Chapter 2A)
  • Use Next Choice
  • Choose: Marrou’s room (Chapter 3A)

Kiki CGs

  • Load save 2
  • Choose: Kiki’s room (Chapter 3A)
  • Use Next Choice
  • Choose: Kiki’s room (Chapter 4A)
Platforms: PC (Johren)
Purchase Link: JAST Store / MangaGamer
Review: Click Here

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