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Japanese School Life – Walkthrough & Guide

Japanese School Life by code:jp and Sekai Project offers a common route that leads to two endings.

This guide will tell you about the choices to access both endings and how to unlock all Steam achievements.


Japanese School Life is an all-ages title. There is no patch for additional content available.

Steam Achievements

There are six Steam achievements available in this visual novel. Four are unlocked by following this guide and completing both endings. The other two are for playing in English and Japanese respectively. You will gain one when you start. All you need to do to unlock the other is to choose the other language from the menu and go forward by one line. You are then free to change it back.


Japanese School Life works on a hidden point system. You will get the ending for the heroine whose choices have been selected the most. Some are fairly obvious, while others are impossible to guess without having already selected it.

While it doesn’t split into routes, some choices in Japanese School Life offer unique text for each character.

Japanese School Life - Chiyoko (Choco) Ending

Chiyoko (Choco) Ending

  • I wish to become closer friends with Choco
  • Don’t ask her if she doesn’t want to
  • I think gracefulness is best
  • Return her compliment
  • The one on the left
  • I wish to become closer friends with Choco
  • Choco’s

Japanese School Life - Arisa Ending

Arisa Ending

  • I wish to become closer friends with Arisa
  • Ask her
  • I think it’s good to be lively
  • Thank her
  • The one on the right
  • I wish to become closer friends with Arisa
  • Arisa’s
Platforms: PC

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