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IxSHE Tell – Walkthrough & Guide

IxSHE Tell by HookSoft and NekoNyan includes a common route with five heroine routes and a bad ending. No routes are locked.

This guide will include a walkthrough to access the various routes, discuss how the structure and systems work, and explain the situation regarding the patch.

Adult Content

If you have purchased the Steam version of IxSHE Tell, you can download the free 18+ DLC via NekoNyan website.

To install the patch, open the .7z file with 7Zip and extract roof.pfs.008, roof.pfs.009, and roof.pfs.011 into the folder where IxSHE Tell is installed (for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IxSHE Tell)

Alternatively, you can buy the full version of IxSHE Tell on websites that support adult content such as JAST USA or Denpasoft. This includes all of the content without any requirement for patches.

IxSHE Tell - Image of Shiori's Route for Guide/Walkthrough

Steam Achievements

If you are playing the Steam version of IxSHE Tell, Steam Achievements are included. They can all be unlocked by completing the following steps as described in the walkthrough below:

  • Complete all heroine routes
  • Reject all heroines
  • Complete the bad ending

Route Order and Structure

You can read the routes of IxSHE Tell in any order and no particular order is recommended.

The common route includes four places where you can decide who to spend time with through the ‘Which girl do you want to see?’ prompt. 

Some of these have choices where you need to select whether to do something or not before time runs out. While I’d recommend reading all of these scenes as you aim for a heroine’s route, the heroines and choices chosen in these don’t make a difference in which route you enter.

IxSHE Tell - Image of Yui Pointing for Guide/Walkthrough

Heart Points Explanation

Every so often, you’re given Heart Points to distribute between Ayaka, Kasumi, Shiori, Yoshino, and Yui. The heart icon on the top-left will have a blue outer circle when you have points to distribute.

Which route you end up on is partially influenced by which heroine you give the most points to before the Halloween event choice.

You can choose to not use the Heart Points at all. This does stop you from seeing the option to proactively choose a heroine at the Halloween event, but it does not stop you from entering any route.

The Heart Points do not affect anything else.

Common Route Walkthrough

During the common route of IxSHE Tell, you can choose any ‘Which girl do you want to see?’ option and any of the timed options within them. This does not affect the route or ending.

At the Halloween event, you will be presented with up to three options:

  • Text <Ayaka/Kasumi/Shiori/Yoshino/Yui>
  • Give it one final thought
  • Don’t confess to any of the girls

Kasumi in the Protagonists Arms in IxShe Tell

Ayaka/Kasumi/Shiori/Yoshino/Yui Routes

If you have assigned one heroine the most Heart Points, then you can choose 

  • Text Ayaka/Kasumi/Shiori/Yoshino/Yui

This will lead to the protagonist confessing his feelings to the chosen heroine.

If not or if you want to choose a different heroine’s route, you can choose: 

  • Give it one final thought
  • Accept her confession

This will lead to the chosen heroine confessing her feelings to the protagonist.

If you choose to “Reject her” on the second choice, you will enter the route of whoever has the most Heart Points. This option does not appear if you have not distributed Heart Points. Rejecting each heroine will unlock a Steam Achievement.

Bad Ending

Bad Ending

If you want to read the bad ending, choose:

  • Don’t confess to any of the girls
Platforms: PC
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Purchase Link: Denpasoft / JAST USA

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