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Logitech G810 – Hardware Review

The G810 in a Nutshell

The G810 Orion Spectrum is part of Logitech’s range of high-end mechanical keyboards. Based primarily around the PC gaming market, the Logitech G810 boasts a range of features designed to give the player a critical edge in a wide variety of games. 

Having a mechanical keyboard is the hallmark of any gaming PC set up these days, as their tactile response, sleek design and of course, fancy colors and aesthetic complete the set of peripherals that can help immerse you in games of many different genres – from First Person Shooters to open-world RPG’s. 

That said, there are a huge number of well designed (for the most part) mechanical keyboards on the market, each offering their own take on the growing demand for keyboards that look modern but feel old school. I’ll be taking a look specifically at the Logitech G810, which I’ve been using for quite some time now.

Logitech G810 - Keyboard and PC

The Keyboard Itself

If you’ve never encountered a mechanical keyboard before, the difference is all in the keys! The vast majority of standard keyboards use a single rubber membrane with indents that the keys depress when pressed, actioning the keystroke. However, mechanical keyboards do away with this and instead opt for individually constructed switches under each key, often resulting in a “chunkier” and more durable key, with a response time between press and action being significantly shorter than on a standard keyboard. This is why they offer more of an edge in gaming, as there is little to no discrepancy between when you press the key and when the action takes place. Often times, the switches are extremely tactile as well, meaning you can definitely tell when you’ve pressed the key and when you haven’t. 

A great deal of mechanical keyboards on the market utilize a brand of key called Cherry MX, which come in various colors that each have different sized switches – reds and whites being shorter, for a more “standard” feeling keyboard; blues and browns are heavier and are reminiscent of those spring-loaded keyboards of old. For their range of keyboards, Logitech has developed their own switches, the “Romer-G”. Durable, responsive, and long-lasting, the Romer-G switches feel wonderful! Especially for a heavy-handed typist/gamer like myself. The switches are quite loud, but I like this. Each key offers a very satisfying “click” when pressed and they definitely feel like they’re designed for those long sessions of writing and gaming.

A feature worth mentioning is that the Logitech G810 features a staggering 26-key rollover, meaning that you can press and hold any number of combinations of keys, all set how you want them to be set. This is extremely useful in those RPG’s, where there are many menus and shortcuts to navigate.

Aesthetically, this keyboard looks exceptional. It’s got a clean and simple design, not being too large or overbearing, with enough room for the essential components but no extra frills. The keys have this matte finish which looks and feels great too.

The keys are all center-illuminated. The Full Spectrum RGB backlighting comes through them with immense clarity. This is particularly useful if you enjoy working and gaming in a darker workspace. I do and I believe that you’ll never struggle to see where you are on the keyboard. The backlighting is fully customizable within Logitech’s Gaming Software. I have mine set to a solid gradient from blue to green – but you can set your own how you wish and you don’t have to stick with just solid colors. There are a number of pulsing or “breathing” effects to choose from so you can rest assured that you can have your keyboard your way.

Logitech G810 - Keys


The Logitech G810 is an absolutely solid keyboard. It feels great, looks great and Logitech have definitely delivered a high-end product. Their Romer-G switches are very impressive and responsive, and perhaps the only downside I have found is the Logitech Gaming Software – it’s not terrible, but it could be better in terms of UI and performance. That’s a small gripe though, and it has improved over the months with subsequent updates. For the price, the Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum Mechanical keyboard comes highly recommended. 


Compatible With: PC

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