Mighty Jaxx – Anime and Japanese-Inspired Figures?

Mighty Jaxx produces physical and digital collectibles in collaboration with a number of brands from One Piece to Garfield, along with some unique pieces. With many of our readers having an interest in anime and gaming figures, we thought we’d take a look at what they do.

We’ve given our thoughts on some of their physical collectibles below, and Alex Neal, Managing Director of Mighty Jaxx (Europe) has kindly given us some of their time to answer some questions, which you can read about in this interview.

Looking at the figures themselves, Mighty Jaxx sells quite a range of them at several price points. We’ve borrowed one of their premium range and have a few blind boxes to get a good idea of these.

Mighty Jazz - Zoro

CosmiQ x One Piece: Zoro

The CosmiQ x One Piece: Zoro is from the Premium Range, coming in at $169 USD. It’s a reimagined version of Zoro, wearing Streetwear rather than his usual pirate garb. It takes inspiration from his existing design though, such as a version of the bandanna he wears around his arm in some of his outfits and a similar overall color scheme. As you may expect, it keeps his standard grumpy expression too.

This figure is presented nicely. It comes with a window on the box to show the figure inside, a description of the concept on the flap, and some key points of the costume highlighted on the back. It comes with a rather nice certificate of authenticity too.

I was impressed by the small details. Little things like his triple earrings not being simplified, to the creases in his pants being present. I can even distinctly feel each part of his spiky hair.

It’s a rather large figure, approximately 20cm tall, 8cm wide, and 8cm deep. The size allows it to balance on its own feet without any issues, which is nice to see. It doesn’t have or need a stand, which I prefer due to losing stands in the past, and feeling that figures just look better without them. The build feels solid too. Even the parts hanging off don’t bend like some cheaper figures.

There are also similar figures for Luffy and Nami.

Mighty Jaxx - Luffy Dissectible

Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: One Piece (Luffy)

Mighty Jaxx makes quite a lot of ‘Hidden Dissectibles’ figures, which have a quarter of the model with the flesh stripped away to the bone. It’s quite striking, so I can see why this would be a popular design. This particular range has 6 possible characters to find in a blind box, but there are two other One Piece ranges and many for other series including My Little Pony, Space Jam, and Spongebob Squarepants. This one comes with a character card too, though I couldn’t confirm for the others.

These come in at $12.99 USD, which is certainly more budget-friendly than the premium line. That said, it seems like it’d be easy to start collecting quite a few of them.

They have a good amount of detail considering the price, especially with the 3D effect of the bones. They’re not too small either, with Luffy being about 10cm x 6cm x 6cm.

This one does come with a stand, which uses a wood design. It’s fitting for the crew of a pirate ship. They snap together too, so the whole crew can be displayed together, which is a nice feature.

Kandy X Sanrio Ft. Jason Freeny

Similar to Mighty Jaxx’s ‘Hidden Dissectibles’ figures, they have a couple ranges of ‘Kandy X Sanrio’ and one ‘Kandy X Spongebob SquarePants’ figures. These have half of the character made of a translucent material to look like candy. I quite like the dissectible design, but perhaps this is more suitable for younger collectors.

This blind box opened to reveal Pompompurin, the Golden Retriever character from Sanrio, one of seven possible options. He’s pudding themed and has a cute little beret. A character card is included too.

Pompompurin is about 8cm x 8cm x 5cm and comes with a heart-shaped standalone base. The design is fairly simple, but that matches that character and they’re represented well.

In Closing

From the examples we’ve seen, Mighty Jaxx creates high-quality figures for their respective prices. They not only have some great branded figures for fans, but some really unique designs of their own too.

Website: Mighty Jaxx

If you’d like to hear more about Mighty Jaxx, we recommend reading our interview with Alex Neal, the Managing Director of Mighty Jaxx (Europe).

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