Nook News – 12/26/22 – Christmas, Winter, and the Gym

Welcome to another week of Nook News. Unfortunately, our regular news writer is away for the holiday season and as such, we only have visual novel news. We expect our regular sections including anime, upcoming releases, and games news to return on January 9th, 2023.

In the meantime, why not check out our end of 2022 wrap-ups, including our Staff Picks for Game of the Year and Top Visual Novels Of 2022 / Upcoming Visual Novels Of 2023? Or even our recent review of the newly released visual novel, Otome Domain?

Visual Novel News:

Fruitbat Factory have announced the upcoming final instalment of MAMIYA, DoomsDay Dreams, is coming in Fall 2023. MAMIYA is described as ‘a captivating, dark visual novel in which a group of young men struggle against existential dread before the end of the world’.

The English translation of DoomsDay Dreams will be by Andrew ‘Steiner’ Hodgson, who has worked on many titles including the hilarious My Dad’s the Queen of All Vtubers?! and Our World is Ended.

Find the Announcement Here

Winged Cloud have released Sakura Gym Girls, a budget-priced visual novel where the protagonist joins the local gym with his colleague and meets two new women.

Find The Store Page Here

Indie developer Izimov A has released Crystal Winter, a short kinetic visual novel about Christmas.

In Crystal Winter, you play as Naoki as he finds his girlfriend Miyuki cheating on him. He then runs into Yume, a young guitarist who is also spending Christmas alone.

Find The Store Page Here

Pixel Happy Projects has released Pixel Happy Game Girls for free on Steam and Game Jolt.

In this visual novel, you help your childhood friend who has always dreamed of creating a video game. Joining her indie game studio, you battle with deadlines, limited fund, and more.

Find the Store Page Here

While we don’t normally cover Japan-only news, you may be interested to know that Kanon, KEY’s classic visual novel, is being released on Nintendo Switch in Spring 2023. While some of Prototype’s releases have included English, only Japanese has been announced and no official translation exists on other platforms, so English is unlikely.

Find the Announcement Here

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