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Visual Novel News:

Shiravune have made quite a few announcements this week. Starting with the biggest and perhaps most anticipated one:

After previously being announced, NUKITASHI 2’s release date is now known. It will be coming to Steam and Johren in Q1 2024. You can find the opening video here and our review of the first title in this series here.

The story continues from the previous installment: peace has settled over Seiran Island with the achievement of true coexistence—or so Junnosuke and his friends believe until a sudden and significant data-related incident thrusts them into a parallel world, an alternate “utopia” where Junnosuke holds absolute power. As the gang arm themselves for the impending battle once more, will they be able to return safely to their world in one piece?

Find the Store Page Here

After an initial delay and then being brought forward, Succubus Sessions: Mami Mamiya’s Sweet Slice of Hell has been released on Steam and Johren.

After years of isolation, a friendly son of Adam is just what Mami’s village needs to reacquaint itself with the outside world! Demon contact, however, can prove lethal to your average joe… Not Koichi, though. This guy’s built different.

Find the Store Page Here

Cabbage Soft’s Amazing Grace -What color is your attribute?- has been delayed from an 8th December, 2023 release to an unspecified date in Q2 2024. Shiravune has stated that an updated release date for this time-looping visual novel will be announced when confirmed.

“A holy night with no dawn, my dear…” Shuu awakens, memoryless, in a town blanketed in snow that feels truly bizarre to him. In this town filled with Europeanized architecture enveloped and closed off by a humongous wall called the aurora, there is nothing more treasured than the arts. It is here in this mysterious town that Shuu is saved by its residents and allowed to live a fulfilling life with the students of St. Aria Academy. However, this blissful life is eventually taken away from him in the blink of an eye. On December 25th, an unexplained conflagration brings the town to almost complete destruction. Loving this town more than anyone, Yune decides to take destiny into her own hands and rewinds time back to December 2nd—the first day of Advent.

Find the Announcement Here

Amazing Grace -What Color is Your Attribute?- - Kirie

Visual;Conference will be taking place on 27th January, 2024 at 11AM – 6PM EST. They are both looking for speakers and have opened the sale of tickets. You can find their previous talks here, including one by one of our writers.

Visual;Conference, often called VNConf, is the first and only developer conference made specifically for the VN genre. Anyone who works on and loves visual novels, whether they’re a programmer, director, artist, musician, tester, writer, journalist, has something worth sharing with the broader VN Dev community. This conference is our place to learn from each other.

Find More Information Here

Idea Factory have released My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! -Pirates of the Disturbance- both digitally and physically on Nintendo Switch.

Catarina Claes is a young woman born into a family of nobility who has a memory of her past life as a high school student. She was reincarnated as a Villainess in an otome game called Fortune Lover. Exile or death were all that awaited her in this new world. However, she managed to evade these ends, and somehow made it through the year to spring break. As fate would have it, both Catarina and her adopted brother, Keith, were to board a state-of-the-art luxury liner called the Vinculum on its maiden voyage during their time away from the Academy. Once aboard the ship, she realized her friends were also in attendance on what was meant to be a luxurious journey at sea. The tides changed quickly when they were attacked by pirates who took over the Vinculum and held all of its passengers hostage. This turn of events all seemed familiar to Catarina, and she begins to recall this was the storyline to a Fortune Lover fanbook. Could this mean she’s living in a resurrection of a canned doom ending?! Will Catarina and her friends be able to return to Sorcier safely? The curtain rises for a new twist in this doom-flag-evading romantic comedy!

Find The Store Page Here

MangaGamer has announced that they will be releasing Baseson’s Wanting Wings on Steam on the 15th December, 2023. It is currently available on MangaGamer.

At Seiyou Girls’ academy, there are rumors of an angel. Roommates Hina, Rin, and Fumi all have completely different personalities, but they all experienced 1 strange event: They all once saw an angel in their youth. They gradually begin to suspect that one of their roommates might be that angel.

Find the Store Page Here

Dramatic Create has announced that Cabbage Soft’s Amairo Chocolate will be released on Nintendo Switch on 28th March, 2024. The first two titles are already available on PC with an optional 18+ patch in English, with the third currently only available in Japanese. The Nintendo Switch version will include new CGs.

Autumn. With the leaves just starting to change color, a boy arrives at Yunagi Village. The first person he meets is a girl handing out flyers — a cute, cat-eared waitress.

Amairo Chocolate Guide - Mikuri

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Gaming News:

A few weeks back, Rockstar announced that we’ll get our first look at the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series in early December. That date has now been confirmed and the first trailer for GTA VI will premiere on Tuesday, December 5th.

Despite being announced back in February, we haven’t gotten much information regarding Professor Layton‘s long-awaited return. Level-5 broke that silence recently with a brand new trailer showcasing one of the game’s many puzzles players will solve throughout this new adventure. However, it’s not all good news, as the trailer also revealed the game is quite a ways off from releasing, as we also received a release window for the title.

Professor Layton and the New World of Steam will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch in 2025.

Watch the trailer for Professor Layton and the New World of Steam

Capcom recently released a showcase video for the upcoming sequel to Dragon’s Dogma! The video goes into great detail on what players will be experiencing in this new action RPG. We also got a full release date for the long-awaited sequel.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 launches for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC on March 22nd, 2024.

Watch the Dragon’s Dogma 2 showcase video

Are you looking for more Final Fantasy VII content before the second part of the remake series launches next year? If you are, you’ll be happy to hear that a mobile game set in the same universe is releasing for PC this week! If you’ve already been playing Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis on mobile and worried you’ll lose your progress, worry not. This PC port will be able to share data with the mobile version.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis releases for PC on December 7th.

Anime News:

Back in July, Warner Bros. announced that an anime based on the Suicide Squad from DC Comics was in the works at WIT Studio, but with quite a twist! Suicide Squad ISEKAI, as the name implies, takes the various comic book characters from this group and puts them into a fantasy world. We recently got a brand new trailer that revealed that alongside Harley Quinn, the series will also feature other characters such as the Joker, Peacemaker, Clayface, Deadshot, and King Shark.

Suicide Squad ISEKAI will premiere in 2024.

Watch the trailer for Suicide Squad ISEKAI

It may seem like it went on for quite a while, but the Wano arc in the anime adaptation of One Piece recently came to an end. But what about the next part of the story? Toei Animation revealed that the next arc, the Egghead Island arc, will be premiering on January 7th, 2024! This was all revealed in a teaser video that revealed new designs for the Straw Hat Pirates and a brand new piece of key art for the arc.

Watch the Egghead Island arc teaser for One Piece

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