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Onigokko! – Walkthrough & Guide

Onigokko! includes two decision points for most routes, which set you on that character’s route following a common route. One route is locked.

This guide will tell you about the choices to access the various routes, and explain the situation regarding the adult content.

If you’ve not yet purchased this game, you may wish to first check out our review.

Adult Content

Onigokko! is available via JAST USA. As it is not on Steam, there is no patch to install and all adult content is available from the start.

H-scene choices only affect the variant of the CG shown. If there is more than one, both are unlocked in the gallery from either choice.

Route Order and Structure

You can select the Akari, Kana, or Kureha route first in Onigokko! during the common route.

The Otome route is locked behind completing all other routes first.

Onigokko! Guide - Kureha Sumiyoshi Holding a Kunai in her Route

Kureha Sumiyoshi Route


  • Treat her to fruit milk

Onigokko! Guide - Early meeting with Akari Kibitsumiya in her Route

Akari Kibitsumiya Route


  • Don’t touch the merchandise
  • I’m a man, too. Strip and approach her.

Onigokko Guide - Kana Sakagami Looking Shy in her Route

Kana Sakagami Route


  • Don’t touch the merchandise
  • Be a gentleman and look for a towel

Onigokko! Guide - First meeting with Otome Saionji at the pool in her Route

Otome Saionji Route

  • Finish the Akira, Kana, and Kureha routes
  • Start a new game
  • Choose ‘Otome Arc’

Aoi Uraba who does not have a route until the fandisc

Aoi Uraba Route

Aoi does not have a route in Onigokko! If you want to experience her route, you will need to play the fandisc.

Platforms: PC
Review: Click Here
Purchase: JAST USA

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