Red Dead Redemption - Featured Image
Action Open-World Review

Red Dead Redemption – Review | Gonna Paint Yer Wagon

Back before gamers had to purchase Grand Theft Auto V over and over again, Rockstar Games were known for putting out various high-quality action games, Bully and Max Payne 3 for example. One series, that bizarrely started life under Capcom’s watchful eye, won the hearts of edgy kids and western loving fathers everywhere with the […]

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk - Featured Image
Action Arcade Review

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk – Review

Team Reptile is perhaps best known for their work on the Lethal League games, competitive 2D games with an artistic flair similar to Jet Set Radio. Jet Set Radio itself has been on radio silence for more than two decades now. Team Reptile’s latest project, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, aims to fill the shoes left behind […]

Assault Spy - Featured
Action Anime Review

Assault Spy – Review | The (Business) World is Not Enough

Picture this: you’re a suave, well-dressed gentleman enjoying an extravagant gala with a martini in hand and the lustful gaze of one of the ladies from across the room. Little do they know that you’re an expert in hand-to-hand combat and have at least five tools disguised as fountain pens. You are a spy and […]

Neon White - Featured Image
Action FPS Review

Neon White – Review | Godspeed

First-person platforming is hard to get right and is often the weakest part of first-person games. I was curious to see if Neon White, an FPS platformer from Angel Matrix and Annapurna with an emphasis on speed, would pull it off. The answer is a resounding yes! Neon White serves up fluid exhilarating action in […]

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising - Featured Image
Action Adventure Review RPG

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – Review

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising began life as a Kickstarter goal for the Suikoden spiritual sequel Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Launching as somewhat of a taster of the world, let’s dive into this Metroidvania-style adventure and see if it’s a chronicle worth experiencing. Let Me Spin You A Yarn Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising stars treasure hunter CJ. She’s […]