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Kingpin: Reloaded – Review

Kingpin: Reloaded started life as Kingpin: Life of Crime, which released on the PC in 1999 and caused quite a controversy due to its adult content, graphic scenes of violence, and foul language as standard. Sadly, a planned sequel and console release never happened, and the game was locked in the annals of FPS history, […]

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Ion Fury: Aftershock – Review

Back in the 90s, a common practice for FPS games was to have map packs released months after the game was finished, the original DLC if you will. Making the most of modern technology and consumer habits, we have a new expansion pack in the form of DLC for Voidpoint’s 90s throwback shooter Ion Fury, […]

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Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun – Review | Guts and Bolts

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun is the latest in a long line of video games based on Warhammer. While incredibly hit or miss, the franchise has been on the up lately with the fantastic Warhammer 40,000: Darktide & Warhammer 40,000: Chaosgate. Ignoring the mess that was Blood Bowl 3, is the team at Auroch Digital able to […]

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Cultic: Chapter One – Review

If you’re a boomer like me, chances are you’ll have played the FPS Blood by Monolith Productions, and have been hankering for more ever since its sequel did damage to your soul. Cultic: Chapter One published by 3D Realms & solo developed by Jasozz Games is an offering that potentially may soothe that damage, and […]

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Turbo Overkill – Review

Apogee, the house that built titles such as Duke Nukem, Rise of the Triad, and Monster Bash is now ready to unleash its latest foray into the world of First Person Shooters. It’s time to talk about Turbo Overkill.  Go Johnny Go! You’re placed in the Cyberpunk future that is more and more commonplace in gaming. In […]

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Powerslave Exhumed – Review

Have you ever felt like exploring the past, strapping your boots on, tightening your bandana, grabbing your machete, and treasure hunting? Then get in! We are going back to the land of 1996; This is Powerslave Exhumed. The Night Boat To Cairo Let me dust off this tome and spin you a yarn. The year […]

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Dusk – Review | Lightning in a Bottle

One of the best things to come out of the last decade-or-so is the resurgence of the tongue-in-cheekily named Boomer Shooter. Originally coined by Millenials to describe other Millenials, these shooters draw their power from ‘90s classics like DOOM, Quake, Blood, and Duke Nukem 3D. Dusk brings modern game design to a classic formula, and squirts […]

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Forgive Me Father – Review | Lovecraftian Boomer Shooter

Forgive Me Father is a classic “Boomer Shooter” with a splattering of Lovecraftian Nightmare and a side of Mafia. Sounds like a good meal right? Let’s tuck in! Note: The first half of this review is based on Early Access. Find our Version 1.0 update below. Devil in a Midnight Mass Forgive Me Father slaps […]