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SYNESTHESIA – Review | Spin Eternally

A spiral is one of the simplest repeating patterns, emanating outward from a central point. Or perhaps everything converges into that central point. It all depends on your perspective. Viewed from the outside, a spiral is in constant motion, yet ultimately nothing changes. This is the central image of SYNESTHESIA, a character-driven sci-fi mystery visual […]

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Enigmarella – Review | A Different Birthday Surprise

Within Enigmarella’s 19th-century nautical steampunk universe, a passionate romance along with a deep-seated mystery entwined around a dreamy fiancé and a thorny suitor blossoms. Released on 28 February 2022 for PC (Windows), Enigmarella is an indie otome Original English Language Visual Novel (OELVN) by Metal Dragon Studio. It tells of a heartfelt tale of love and hate centered […]

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Suhoshin – Preview

Suhoshin is the upcoming debut visual novel from studio No More 500. While the full game doesn’t have a release date yet beyond sometime this year, a demo consisting of the first few chapters of this mystery visual novel will be out soon. That’s what I’m taking a look at today, so without further ado, […]

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Not It: Spookiest Edition – Review | A Dangerous Halloween

Following The Last Act, Snowhaven Studios presents another Original English Language Visual Novel (OELVN), this time a horror story set on Halloween day. Released for PC on 12 October 2021, Not It: Spookiest Edition is an updated version of Not It, an entry by the same team for the month-long Spooktober Visual Novel Jam in 2019. Highlights of the […]

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Complex Relations – Demo Preview

Make sure you check your sleeping bag, water bottle, and backpack off the essentials list because we‘re going camping, ladies and gentleman! Welcome to an overview of the demo for Complex Relations; it’s a visual novel that’s currently being developed by Amai Works. If you’d like, there’s a downloadable demo on JUST A SUMMER FLING! Complex Relations has the sub-title of […]

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DreamCatcher: Reflections Volume 1 – Review

Since this is my first review with NookGaming, I wanted to start off with a game whose premise captured my attention, something I knew would interest me if the delivery was good. Since I’m a longtime fantasy fan, DreamCatcher: Reflections immediately jumped out at me from the indie game lineup. Unusually among visual novels, it’s […]