Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster - Featured Image
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Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster – Review

Back in the early 90s, first-person shooters (FPS) were considered less defined as a genre, and more typically thought of as Doom and subsequent “Doom Clones”. One such game that helped put the genre on the map and expand on what Doom brought forth was 1995’s Star Wars: Dark Forces. 30 years later, the evil […]

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Remastered - Featured Image
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Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Remastered – Review

Consoles are often defined by the standout titles that are released over their lifespan. We all know about Mario and Zelda, but there was something else that stood out for me on the Nintendo 64: A certain dinosaur-hunting series known as Turok. The first two titles have seen rereleases and remasterers, but Turok 3: Shadow […]

Acezone A-Spire eSports Headset - Featured Image
FPS Hardware Review

Acezone A-Spire – Review | A Headset for FPS

The Acezone A-Spire isn’t your regular headset. Want to listen to music? It’s certainly not bad. Chatting online? It’ll do the job. But it excels far above others in one very specific area: playing FPS games. This is a headset aimed towards eSports gamers playing certain titles. Hear Them Coming! The whole idea behind the […]

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Chasm: The Rift – Review

Chasm: The Rift was a first-person shooter released in 1997. This was one year after the genre re-defining Quake and a year before another ‘little-known’ title called Half-Life. Over the years, the game has developed somewhat of a cult following. General Arcade and SNEG have brought the game back to life with a remaster, giving […]

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FPS Music Review

Metal: Hellsinger – Review

As the band Steel Panther once cried out to the heavens “Death to all but Metal”. Developer The Outsiders seem to have taken this as a personal challenge to bring that very action to light with their new title: Metal: Hellsinger. Reign in Blood Metal: Hellsinger follows the demonic footprints of a silent but very […]

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Action FPS Review

Neon White – Review | Godspeed

First-person platforming is hard to get right and is often the weakest part of first-person games. I was curious to see if Neon White, an FPS platformer from Angel Matrix and Annapurna with an emphasis on speed, would pull it off. The answer is a resounding yes! Neon White serves up fluid exhilarating action in […]

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Turbo Overkill – Review

Apogee, the house that built titles such as Duke Nukem, Rise of the Triad, and Monster Bash is now ready to unleash its latest foray into the world of First Person Shooters. It’s time to talk about Turbo Overkill.  Go Johnny Go! You’re placed in the Cyberpunk future that is more and more commonplace in gaming. In […]

Powerslave Exhumed - Featured Image
FPS Review

Powerslave Exhumed – Review

Have you ever felt like exploring the past, strapping your boots on, tightening your bandana, grabbing your machete, and treasure hunting? Then get in! We are going back to the land of 1996; This is Powerslave Exhumed. The Night Boat To Cairo Let me dust off this tome and spin you a yarn. The year […]

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Dusk – Review | Lightning in a Bottle

One of the best things to come out of the last decade-or-so is the resurgence of the tongue-in-cheekily named Boomer Shooter. Originally coined by Millenials to describe other Millenials, these shooters draw their power from ‘90s classics like DOOM, Quake, Blood, and Duke Nukem 3D. Dusk brings modern game design to a classic formula, and squirts […]