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Action FPS Indie Review

Forgive Me Father – Review | Lovecraftian Boomer Shooter

Forgive Me Father is a classic “Boomer Shooter” with a splattering of Lovecraftian Nightmare and a side of Mafia. Sounds like a good meal right? Let’s tuck in! Note: The first half of this review is based on Early Access. Find our Version 1.0 update below. Devil in a Midnight Mass Forgive Me Father slaps […]

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Action Indie Review RPG

Garden Story – Review | It’s a Grape Adventure!

Released on 11 August 2021 for PC and Nintendo Switch, Garden Story is an indie action role-playing game (ARPG) developed by Picogram and published by Rose City Games. Join Concord, the youngest grape of the Grove, as they work with the other inhabitants to help save and rebuild their home that has been invaded by the Rot. […]

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Indie Review Visual Novel

Complex Relations – Demo Preview

Make sure you check your sleeping bag, water bottle, and backpack off the essentials list because we‘re going camping, ladies and gentleman! Welcome to an overview of the demo for Complex Relations; it’s a visual novel that’s currently being developed by Amai Works. If you’d like, there’s a downloadable demo on JUST A SUMMER FLING! Complex Relations has the sub-title of […]

Adventure Anime Indie Review

Sumire – Review | Seize the Day

It is not often that I come across a game trailer that gives me goosebumps enough to make me immediately want to pick it up. Just from the trailer alone, with its shimmering visuals and moving vocals, I already anticipated Sumire to bring many feels. Available in English and Japanese, Sumire is an indie casual narrative-driven adventure game developed […]

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Adventure Indie Narrative Review

Don’t Forget Me – Review | Forget Me, Forget Me Not

Released for PC in six languages on 20 April 2021, Don’t Forget Me is an indie cyberpunk mystery adventure game by The Moon Pirates. In this four to seven-hour game, play as Fran, an amnesiac who is trying to make sense of what is happening around her after Bernard, the owner of a memory clinic, took her […]

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Anime Review Visual Novel

The Blind of the New World – Review | Through Your Eyes

I love a good sci-fi dystopia, so The Blind of the New World caught my eye. This original Korean language visual novel from TALESSHOP promises a romantic story set in a future with dystopian themes. It also explores interesting ideas about perception, reality, and connection. But does this story deliver? To find out we’ll have […]

Gloom and Doom - Featured
Indie Review Visual Novel

Gloom and Doom – Review

Calling all living and non-living individuals. Welcome to Gloom and Doom – a homage to 90’s slacker movies. Not exactly what most expect of a visual novel! FIRST IMPRESSIONS! As far as visual novels go, it’s eye-catching to see one that strays from the anime aesthetic. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about that […]

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Indie Narrative Review

Say No! More – Review | The Power of NO!

One of the biggest takeaways I had after playing CAPCOM’s Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is its iconic phrase — Igiari (Objection)! Well, maybe not the phrase per se but the idea of being firm and raising objections to things that are simply nonsensical. I thought I would never find a game that is centered around this […]

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FPS Review

HROT – Review | Exploding Bodies Are Fun

I’ll start with a quick reminder that HROT is in Early Access. A lot of what is criticized here may be fixed or changed in the future. Retro FPS games have been on the rise recently, and as with every new popular trend, many titles come out trying their own spin on them. HROT attempts […]