Umbraclaw - Featured Image for Review
Adventure Platformer Review

Umbraclaw – Review

It feels like it’s been forever since Inti Creates last made a fully original series. Although recent installments in Gunvolt, Blaster Master, and Gal Gun have been keeping them busy, I was left hoping for something new. Those prayers have been answered in the form of Umbraclaw, from the same minds who brought us Blaster […]

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Action Indie Platformer Review

Katana ZERO – Review | Cyberpunk Action, Samurai Style

Katana ZERO is an action platformer from Askiisoft featuring fast-paced samurai action against an 80s-inspired cyberpunk backdrop. You play as Zero, a katana-wielding assassin working for a mysterious organization in the neon city of New Mecca. Katana ZERO is a compact game with streamlined mechanics, but there’s still a good deal to unpack in the […]

The Last Faith - Featured Image
Action Indie Platformer Review

The Last Faith – Review

What happens when you get an “unholy alliance” of one of gaming’s most cherished titles and a genre that continues to deliver excellence? You get The Last Faith — a game that takes Bloodborne’s eldritch horror and gives it a metroidvania makeover.  I first became aware of The Last Faith’s development when a Kickstarter trailer was released around 2020. […]

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Events Feature

Insomnia 71 – New Tech, Indie Games and Laser Tag?

After missing Insomnia 70, I decided to check out Insomnia 71. If you’ve not read our previous coverage of Insomnia, it’s a gaming event held at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, with a large LAN party and indoor camping. But it also has a connected expo, which is what we’re checking out. Stages, Events, and Guests […]

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Feature Interview Visual Novel

Untold Atlas – Interview With Nochi Studios

Nochi Studios is a game development team, consisting of three women creating romance games. They’ve previously come out with Somnium Eleven and Sifting Thyme which are both on mobile devices, but now they’re launching something new – Untold Atlas. Untold Atlas describes itself as a choice-driven, expedition-themed spin on visual novels (GxB/GXG), featuring in-game group […]

Mini Motorways - Featured Image
Indie Puzzle Review Strategy

Mini Motorways – Review | Road Puzzles On The Go

Starting from the Apple Arcade in September 2019, Mini Motorways has since traveled across platforms to PC (Windows, macOS) in July 2021 and later made its way to Nintendo Switch in May 2022. Hop onto the transportation planner’s seat in this indie strategy simulation game by Dinosaur Polo Club and command various road networks around the globe! […]

Reimei no Gauken - Featured Image
Review Visual Novel

Reimei no Gakuen – Review | Dawn of a New Hope

Featuring six love interests, more than 30 side characters, and approximately an 80-hour long playtime, Reimei no Gakuen is easily one of the most ambitious indie otome Original English Language visual novels (OELVN) I’d come across to date. Developed by Raikon Kitsune, Reimei no Gakuen was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2018 and released for PC (Windows, Linux, macOS) […]