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Interview with JP > EN Translator for Light/Visual Novels

Tristan K. Hill (also known as Ojive) is a Japanese-to-English translator who has worked on light novels, manga, visual novels, and other games. You’ll find his work on When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace (light novel), Tearmoon Empire (manga), Gears Of Dragoon: Fragments Of A New Era (visual novel/DRPG), and more. Having worked for J-Novel Club, […]

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Mighty Jaxx – Interview with a Managing Director | Collectibles Physical and Digital

Mighty Jaxx produces physical and digital collectibles in collaboration with a number of brands from One Piece to Garfield, along with some unique pieces. With many of our readers having an interest in anime and gaming figures, we thought we’d take a look at what they do. We’ve given our thoughts on some of their […]

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NIS America Press Event – Interview with Nicholas Odmark of NIS America

Reef Entertainment kindly invited NookGaming and some other outlets to London to check out some upcoming NIS America titles as part of their press tour. Alongside that, we had the chance to chat with some key staff from NIS America, one of whom graciously granted us the opportunity for an interview. Interview with Nicholas Odmark […]

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Monogatari Novels – Interview | A New Light Novel and Chinese Novel Publisher

Monogatari Novels is an established Spain-based publisher, planning to move into the light novel and Chinese novel market. They have just announced their first license, which will be released in English and Spanish. Anhk and Vlad from Monogatari Novels kindly agreed to an interview to tell me about their company. Could you tell us a […]

Tentai Books - Interview - Featured Image
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Interview With Tentai Books – Light Novel Publisher

Tentai Books is a light novel publisher, primarily focusing on romantic comedies. They have released titles such as I Kissed My Girlfriend’s Little Sister?!, There’s No Way a Side Character Like Me Could Be Popular, Right?, and How to Melt the Ice Queen’s Heart. Tentai Books is releasing the second and final volume of How […]

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Untold Atlas – Interview With Nochi Studios

Nochi Studios is a game development team, consisting of three women creating romance games. They’ve previously come out with Somnium Eleven and Sifting Thyme which are both on mobile devices, but now they’re launching something new – Untold Atlas. Untold Atlas describes itself as a choice-driven, expedition-themed spin on visual novels (GxB/GXG), featuring in-game group […]

VTubers Beyond Hololive - Featured Image
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VTubers Beyond Hololive

Title Image Credits: Keito Sato (In White) Cas & Lux DiOSCURi (Twins) Nuki Chau (In Tanuki hoodie) Hanako Saiki (With eyepatch) Captain Redd Roze (In Pirate Uniform) VTubing has exploded in the English-speaking anime community over the past year. While it began long ago, the growth seemed to start off with translations of clips from the more popular members […]